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Default Considering Starting Weight Watchers but need more info

Hi! I have used Weight Watchers on two different occasions. One was when they were using a plan that I don't remember, and it was a long time ago. The other, I did the plan mostly online, and I used the Core plan. I liked it and it worked at first, but I had trouble sticking to the guidelines.

Right now, I'm pregnant with my first child and am wondering if it would be a feasible plan to start some version of WW while I'm pregnant or if I should wait until I am done with the pregnancy first.

There is a Weight Watchers center right within walking distance of me, so that is no issue. It's just that I'm not sure what the right guidelines are with losing weight or if I should try to do anything other than maintain during the pregnancy.

Also, I'm seeing that the plans have changed up a bit since I tried it the last time with Core. I just popped on here and observed the Core plan is no longer being used. Would it be a good idea to simply follow the Core plan without signing on since that is what I am used to doing? Or are the other plans equally effective? I like the emphasis on whole foods that Core had would like to have less counting than the Flex plan.

Thank you in advance for your answers.
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You may want to check with your DR on what you should do regarding weight loss or maintaining during your pregnancy. Following WW core plan is a healthy way of eating -- focus on whole foods, very little processed foods, low fat, high fiber, lean meats. Thats always a good thing pregnant or not. You can always walk in to the WW center and ask them about following the plan now or not.

The plan name did change to Simply Filling, but its basically the core plan where you eat till satisfied from a specific list of foods.

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I agree with sarah...
You are not going to go wrong with fruits, veggies, lowfat dairy, lean proteins and whole grains...

You can decide to go super healthy and your baby will benefit from good
clean eating...

If you do any calorie restrictions you need to check with your doctor first,
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