Quick Meal Ideas

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  • I always make hamburger patties when I come home with ground meat and put them on a cookie sheet to do kind of a flash freeze. When they are fairly frozen, I put them in a gallon bag in my freezer. They stay loose so you can just pull a couple out anytime you need them in a hurry. A patty and sliced potatoes sprayed with pam baked until golden brown and can of veggies makes a quick meal.
  • rita, i never thought of freezing them like that. that's a good idea.
  • I also buy whole chicken breasts when they are on sale. I cut out the filet part and the tenders and do the same thing with them. Then I boil the bones and what is left for broth and freeze that! I guess I am cheap or frugal!
  • Tonight I had tacos and bean burritos. It was so incredibly fast. Of course I had to count points for the tortillas, but it was worth it. The beef cooked very quickly and a can of ff refried beans...that was all! Of course to be completely core you could eat it over salad.
  • Nothing beats chicken breasts cooked for about 10 hours in a crockpot, drenched in ff italian. I usually cook a whole package like this and we eat on it all week. So good!!