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Exclamation Recipe of the Day: Froufie's Famous Soup (aka Beef, Barley & Veggie Soup)

This has been posted before, but I thought I'd post it again for our new members. I vouch for it's greatness.

I make soup of of ANYTHING and everything, but seems I now have a somewhat "typical recipe", which is (and you need a really big pot!): Take beef shank bone or any "cheaper cut" of beef, I usually "brown" it, add about one sliced onion, cut up baby carrots, cut up two stalks of celery...saute a couple of minutes...then add beef broth (either pre-made - the 1 litre tetra pak size) or water w/beef cubes. Add one large can diced tomatoes.... usually pre-seasoned (w/herbs and garlic), one large can tomato paste or campbell's tomato soup, more water, spices (salt, pepper, garlic, italian seasoning), a few splashes of worcestershire sauce, some splenda if too sour, about 1 cup barley (sometimes I will also add about 1/2 cup split green peas). This week cabbage was on sale (1 cent per pound!!!!), so I have chopped some in there - oh ya - also one can of red kidney beans - or whatever beans you like (drained and rinsed). So you bring this to a boil - then turn it down, cover and simmer for about 2 hours or so? Need to taste to adjust seasonings and/or sweetness. When done I remove meat if on a bone (shank) and cut up the beef, throw it back in the pot and discard bones.

This should make a huge pot which will keep well in fridge. I usually freeze a couple of single serving containers right away (well when it's cooled off a bit) for future use. Make two more containers right away for work, and put the whole pot in the fridge for family consumption.
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