Shoestring Meals Budget friendly ideas for healthy eating

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Eating for two!
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Originally Posted by CrazedLedZepFan View Post
Sorry, but most of those meals are really gross!
It depends--I really like their barbecue chicken and mashed potato meal
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I know this is old, but I actually enjoyed those michelinas meals. The light or regular ones. Even the regular ones weren't too bad calorie wise from what I remember. (Of course, I am allowing myself a higher caloric intake than others.)
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i could never support walmart, but i'm really broke so going to local farmer's markets helps a lot, and i go to local natural grocery stores. like Berkeley Bowl.
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I buy bananas on sale. When the are ripe, I peel them, cut each one into 5 pieces, and freeze them in a freezer bag. When I need a banana for a smoothie, it's right there! That way I don't throw away any overripe bananas.
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I am trying not to buy the rice/pasta sides like you suggested, but dont know how to make them, and my family LOVES them. Can you give me any ideas of where I can find recipes for them that are quick and more healthy than the boxes?

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My tips:

-Menu plan
-shop the reduced produce rack if your store has one
-buy frozen vegetables during your area's non-growing season
-store fresh produce correctly, for maximum shelf life
-shop at a bread outlet. I shop at an Aunt Millie's one, but there's other brands who have them too.
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I don't drive and end up shopping at the grocery store across the street. It is not a cheap store.

I look at the weekly flyer and make a list.
I buy some food at the local drug store (check flyer)
I do go to a small fruit market up the street and they often sell veg and fruits cheaply.
I go to the farmers market when I can. But I live in a major city, the farmers markets focus on organic and are more expensive then the big chain non organic stores. But it is cheaper then going to the organic stores. I eat local and organic as much as possible.
I do not waste food. I use food in soups etc.
Right now cabbage, carrots and onions are staples. Apples too.
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I always make multiple batches of anything I cook and then make individual meals using my foodsaver ( I have nothing to do with the company and I think there are also other brands)

Anyway the food lasts forever and tastes like the day I made it. When I am on top of things I have a wonderful variety in my freezer- Sort of like a do it yourself Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem.

However, if I go on a complete freezer eating binge and do no cooking, I eventually end up with nothing and have to start over to build my supply.

I would love to try one of those fresh delivery systems but I think the cost is excesive. I want to lose weight but not at any cost.

Good luck everybody.

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Trying for normal
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I love my crockpot. I buy cheaper cuts of meat (pork shoulder is my favourite!) and cook it all day with tons of veggies, beans and spices according to my whim. Freeze the leftovers.
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I love my CrockPot. Since there are only two of us, I plan my meals for the week around using up the leftovers. For example, if I eat pot roast on Sunday, then Monday's dinner will be beef sandwiches, Tuesday is shredded beef taco salad, Wednesday is soup then any leftovers get rolled into a shepherd's pie or pot pie.

It's not healthy to keep reheating the same food, so I divvy up the portions and then freeze them, thawing out one portion a day. This also helps keep me from using too much per meal.

AlmostMe, your avatar is totes adorbs.
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Default this thread is great

I like figuring out the best combination of groceries for economics, health, tastiness, and lowest amount of work to shop and prepare.

I live in a city where there are tons of grocery stores I can go to, but it can be time consuming to go to them. I try to stock up at Aldis every couple of months because it is a longer trip to get there. Then every few weeks I walk to a bigger grocery store about 1 mile away and stock up there. And I make due with the smaller more expensive stores close by and take a break from longer shopping trips the other weeks. Luckily the best price on bread is the closest stores, and there is a discount vegetable store not too far away for the things that I don't buy organic.

So when I go to Aldis, I stock up a ton. I buy several months worth of organic milk and sometimes yogurt or cheese if I want it. They all have expiration dates several months away, but I check to make sure when I buy them. I buy tons of canned mushrooms, cereal, and any staples I'm out of that Aldi's carries. A bag or two of frozen fish, which they sell in shrink wrapped individual packages, lasts me a few months or more. And I buy any fresh fruits and vegetables that look good for that week. Their fruits and vegetables are often not very good, and will go bad before they ripen, but sometimes a bag of grapefruits is good and that lasts for months. Also they have small boxes of organic greens which are good for a week. Their bags of organic apples are often mushy and tasteless, but organic tomatoes are tolerable and well priced.

When I go out of the city I live in, prices are cheaper everywhere else around, so if I can, I stock up on non-perishables that I can bring home without spoiling.
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Hi all, I began buying frozen store brand cauliflower, broccoli, peas, spinach and peppers and onions. They last longer than the fresh stuff and are quicker and easier to add to recipes. They are my everyday staples.

I will add fresh veggies with heated frozen as I see fit. Iíll also cook up a healthy frozen food option and add to it. For example, Iíll add microwaved frozen broccoli to an extra saucy lean cuisine meal. I love adding a fresh avocado to any Mexican frozen dish, along with a tablespoon or two of sweet chili sauce.

Quinoa topped with spinach, then cauliflower tossed in a buffalo sauce and drizzled with blue cheese dressing. I say drizzled but thatís a lie. I usually add a nice doolop 🤦🏻*♀️. I need to drizzle!

Jasmine rice with some coconut milk top with microwaved veggie of choice, and topped with a curry sauce. 😋

I recently tossed an extra large block of Cabots extra sharp cheddar cheese...
it was to dangerous to have here.

Oh, I love my baked plantains topped with fresh tomato! Buy a green plantain. Microwave for three minutes. Peel, cut smash, oil top and bottom and bake at 400 for 20 minutes, flipping 1/2 way through. Times may vary depending on your appliances. Mine come out like tasty fried chips!

Sweet potato fries or a microwaved sweet potato.... 😋
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Meal delivery companies often offers new customers crazy discounts. Someone told me they tried out four or five that way and got a ton of meals super cheap. Hello Fresh, $30 off and free shipping on your first box. USE PROMO CODE 31-F2VYC AT CHECKOUT. I have not done this, but just received this in my inbox.
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