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Buffy0 07-25-2006 01:08 PM

Newbie Looking into the South Beach Diet
Hi all -

I'm new in this section, although not new to 3FC. I was previously on Atkins and while it did work a bit, I don't think I could stick with it long term. I hate running from diet to diet...but I just got on a great exercise regime now and would like to follow some sort of diet plan too. Something I can live with.

Anyone have any insights to the diet -- starting it? Is it similar to Atkins?

Thanks for any info!

Schatzi 07-25-2006 07:26 PM

Hi Buffy! Check out the Stickies on info on getting started.. Planning is key!
Here are some of the differences between Atkins and SBD..Comparing oranges to apples

1) Fats: Atkins does not make a distinction about the type of FATS consumed... Trans and Sat Fats are discussed in the SB book and are to be kept at a minimum . "Good Unsat Mono and Poly fat consumption are encouraged within reason. (There is a guide to limits -see the Stickies section.)

2)Carbs: Atkins - There is no distinction between Carb types and the effect of them on your health. Atkins limits all carbs including vegetables and whole grains. With SB consumption of good carbs are part of the healthy eating plan .Pretty much unlimited green veggies and legumes, --and as you move to Phase 2, adding more veggies... (in general root vegetables are limited as well as corn) and adding in Whole grains like sourdough, wheat, oats--(essentially unprocessed/whole foods) are allowed on South beach -not on Atkins.

Atkins: provides for very limited vegetables and carbs in general - and Whole grains are not discussed at all.

3) Southbeach "focus" on lower GI load foods to stabilize body production of insulin in order to control and maintain a level of insulin in your body -doing so, you do not have the sugar spikes in your blood that contribute to feeling "false" hunger..
Atkins: maintain very low carb intake to promote the body release of fat to use as fuel and place you in ketonesis.

4) Southbeach: Discusses and promotes eating low sat fat lean cuts of meat..
Atkins: no discussion on meat types

The staples of Atkins: eggs, cheese, meat -- minimal grains,fruits and veggies
SBD: eggs. LF cheese, dairies, and meats, whole grains, most fruits and veggies.

All diets work if you stick with them.. the thing is :what can you adapt to as a lifestyle What is healthy for you? What can you do long term?

What works best: hmm: everybody is different.. What "works best" is what you can do for a life time.. I personally did Atkins and gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks .. my husband lost 7. I didnt feel good, and I knew it was not for me as a way of eating for a lifetime.
My advice . Get the South beach book, read it, see if it makes sense to you. Your weight loss may be slower.than Atkins ..but it works..and it to me promotes a healthy balanced way of eating for life.

Buffy0 07-26-2006 02:21 PM

Dear Schatzi -

THANK YOU so much for the very informative advice. I think I was feeling the same way as you -- feeling that it just wasn't that healthy for myself. For me, I would like to watch what I eat, but felt weird being able to eat bacon but not 1 cup of salad because my carb intake was at 20 grams for the day already.

I started Atkins a little while ago and did lose some weight, but didn't feel that great. I felt like I was holding my body back...but after a few days felt ok. But as time wore on, it just wasn't a diet I could stick with so I fell off the wagon and gained a few lbs back. So there I was again yo-yo dieting. The good thing is I've kept up my exercise -- which I love -- so I didn't gain a lot back, just a few lbs...

I am definitely going to look into the South Beach diet and see if it's something I can stick with. Many, many thanks!

BellaLucia 07-27-2006 12:32 PM

I was 262 on Sunday. Today I am 255. It took 5 days of SB to Lose.

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