microwave popcorn

  • Is there a microwave popcorn that is o.k. for South Beach?
  • I use Smart Balance Light Butter. It has no trans fat. There are still calories so I don't eat it often.
  • So, We can have popcorn that is not air popped?
  • Popcorn is corn - betcha knew that! The GFGCGuide says corn is very limited.
  • I read in something(I thought it was in good carbs bad carbs) that you could have popcorn as a snack. But, maybe not Thanks for the answers.
  • Cotton... 2 cups airpopped is on the limited list... so it can be eaten --just rarely, not everyday..maybe once a week. Microwaved is on the avoid list...but what you can do is take 2 tablespoons regular popping corn, spray it with pam, put it in a brown paper lunch bag...fold the top over 4 or 5 times, and nuke it like microwaveable ... cheaper, no bad fats or additives and just as tasty...but again, maybe just as a once in a week or two treat.