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Default Emergency Handbook Guide for Phase One

With all the chicks and roosters starting Phase I and joining us each week, I thought it would be a good idea to create a guide to ease the planning and “Phase Outs” of Phase One. This list is for the newbies to the site who haven’t yet discovered how to navigate.

The Revised Phase I Food List:

How to Best Structure Your Meal Plan:

The Best Veggies To Eat:


Personally, nothing has done it for me as well as recipes. Below is a simple compilation of the recipe that have saved myself and many others through the detox period of South Beach

Must Have Recipes for Breakfasts P1
(When you’re sick of eggs)

Mock French Toast

Breakfast Cheesecake

Phase One Entrées:

The Famed Taco Bake

Chicken Divan

Phase One Desserts:

Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut Butter Cookies

Phase One Beverages:

Hot Cocoa

Phase One Snacks:

Roasted Chick Peas

Cauliflower Popcorn


Tips and Tricks:

Not Everybody Loses 13 Pounds in Phase I:

The Importance of Snacking:

Sample Menus - See How Others Do It


There is simply a ton more I could add, but you can look for more information and great recipes from the links below.

South Beach Diet Recipes:

South Beach Diet FAQ:
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Adia did such a great job on this post! Here are some tips from today's Daily Dish on preparing your kitchen for Phase 1 that I thought were helpful in this thread:

Stocking Up Your Kitchen

The journey of reaching your weight-loss goals starts in the kitchen. Taking stock of the foods that you will be cooking and eating as you follow the South Beach Diet is a good way to improve your results. This means removing certain foods altogether. To help you get started (or to serve as a reminder), we’ve created this checklist of foods that should be eliminated for Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Most of these foods can be reintroduced two weeks later, once you enter Phase 2. Learn how to create a healthy kitchen with this easy Phase 1 cheat sheet:

Foods to Avoid in Phase 1

Baked goods: Breads (even those made with whole-wheat flour), cakes, cookies, crackers, cupcakes, muffins, pastries, and waffles

Beverages: All fruit juices, sodas, and any other drinks containing sugar, fructose, or corn syrup, as well as all alcoholic beverages

Cereals: All varieties of cereals

Condiments, dressings, and seasonings: Barbecue sauce, honey mustard, ketchup, and any other condiment, sauce, or salad dressing made with corn syrup, molasses, or sugar

Dairy and cheese: Whole milk; cheeses made with anything but 1% milk, part-skim, or fat-free milk; creamy cheeses except for low-fat cottage cheese

Flour: All cornmeal and flour, including pancake and waffle mixes

Fruit: All fruit and fruit products, including dried fruits

Meat and poultry: Anything processed using sugars (honey-baked or maple-cured ham, for instance); fatty fowl such as duck and goose; pate; dark-meat chicken and turkey (legs and wings); processed fowl (such as packaged chicken nuggets or patties); beef brisket, liver, rib steaks, and other fatty cuts

Oils and fats: All solid vegetable shortening or lard, butter, and hydrogenated oils

Pasta: All pasta, even whole wheat

Rice: All rice, even brown

Snacks: All packaged snacks are off-limits, both sweet and salty varieties, except for one-ounce packages of dry-roasted nuts

Soup: All powdered soup mixes (many are full of trans fats)

Sweeteners: All sweeteners, except sugar substitutes

Vegetables (starchy): Beets, carrots, corn, green peas, sweet and white potatoes, pumpkin, turnips (root), winter squash, and yams
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