Breakfast Alternatives to Eggs

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  • Personally, I hate eggs! I don't eat them at all, unless they are part of something else, like a cake. Can't eat them in Potato Salad, in soup...yuck!

    So eating something other than eggs for breakfast was something I learned to do early on in SBD. However, others have recently been posting because, although they like eggs, they are getting sick of them and looking for something else to eat. Sounds like this is a worldwide phenomenon--check out this Daily Dish (8-2-04):

    Non-Traditional Breakfast Alternatives
    If you don't like eating eggs in the morning, why not try some non-traditional breakfast foods? The key element to a successful breakfast is protein, say South Beach Diet™ nutritionists, who recommend anything from smoked fish salad to the ricotta crème dessert in the morning. Here are more egg-less breakfast alternatives for Phase 1:
    • Cottage cheese with 1/2 cup chopped cucumbers and tomatoes
    • Turkey slices and 1/2 cup red and green pepper slices
    • Low fat cheese slices on 1/2 cup chopped spinach, microwaved with trans-free butter-flavored spray
    I personally hate eggs, so I eat all kinds of things for breakfast!
    For breakfast, there are a ton of different options.

    Here are the things I choose from for breakfast in Phase 1:
    • Cottage cheese with cucumber or tomato and Lawry's seasoning salt and 6 oz of V-8
    • Cottage cheese with ground flax seed (or wheat germ), cinnamon, and a half a packet of Splenda and 6 oz of V-8
    • Ham rolled up with a slice of 2% milk cheese and some mustard
    • A tomato basil burger (from Morningstar farms) with a 2% cheese slice and red pepper slices dipped in hummus
    • Leftovers from dinner (if small)
    • Some chicken salad (chicken with mayo and celery, etc.)
    • A smoothie made with plain yogurt, SF fruit-flavored syrup, ice, protein powder, and a little milk

    If you are on Phase 2, you can also add:
    • Oatmeal pancake with SF syrup (see SBD cookbook)
    • Real oatmeal with walnuts and cinnamon
    • Uncle Sam cereal
    • Make-it-yourself granola with yogurt (use real oats, steel cut if you can, nuts, flaxseeds, etc.)
    • Fruit with yogurt and flaxseeds or wheat germ
    • A smoothie with yogurt, frozen fruit (so you don't water it down with ice), skim milk, protein powder, maybe SF syrups, maybe cinnamon?
    • Wheat toast with natural PB
    • Cottage cheese with fruit and flaxseed and cinnamon (this is amazing!) or with veggies, like cucumber and tomatoes

    There are so many below for more. Keep thinking outside the box...there is no reason to force yourself to eat something you are hating or bored of!
  • phase 1: black beans with salsa and cheese; leftovers from dinner the night before; yogurt or cottage cheese with vanilla or other flavoring,

    phase 2: steal cut oats and oat groats, uncle sam cereal, occasionally kashi good friends cereal (too much sugar for an everyday breakfast); yogurt with fruit
  • 1/2 C lowfat cottage cheese with 1 container of s/f Jell-O mixed in....YUM!
  • 6oz ff organic Stoneyfield Farm yogurt, I love the plain stuff

    String cheese and 2 slices turkey

    Lots of times I will eat a hard boiled egg white with string cheese in my car on the way to work, so something very small. THEN I have a better midmorning snack. I was never a big bfast eater and this balance helps me fuel my metabolism but not spend time eating bfast before work.
  • I'm a fan of ff or lf cottage cheese w/ a little sf grape jam. Eggo has a low carb waffle and a whole wheat waffle, w/ sf syrup they're not bad for phase 2. I can't seem to bring myself to eat veggies for breakfast, it seems unnatural.
  • Leftover chili! It's even good cold!
  • I like a tofu shake - 1/2 cup soft tofu, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries or other low-GI fruit, 1/2 cup milk

    If I use fresh fruit, I add a handful of ice cubes

    In the blender, then a grown-up sippy cup.
  • OK I don't care for eggs either but I like the protein and how filling it is. So I just add like 1/4 a cup of the egg substitute and then LOAD up on veggies.

    I also do black beans, Perdue Short Cuts chicken, salsa and cheese (low-fat of course!) for breakfast...
  • OK, here's something I picked up from Body for Life: mix equal parts lowfat cottage cheese & sugar free, lowfat yoghurt. (Blue Bunny's Light 85 is the best yoghurt I have found that fits those parameters.) You can top with a tablespoon of slivered almonds or other nuts. That particular breakfast I have found to be very filling. In phase 2, add a slice of whole grain toast.
  • I like cottage cheese with splenda and cinamon for a snack.
  • HERE is a recipe for a a breakfast shake..1 cup coffee, cold (can use instant coffee and water to taste)
    1 scoop low carb protein powder (I used "Designer Protein" for my calculations), vanilla or chocolate
    1/2 cup coconut milk
    2 Tablespoons Flax Seed Meal (or see above)
    Sweetener to taste (I like liquid forms of Splenda - no carbs)
    3-4 ice cubes
    Instead of flaxseed u could add benefiber..I couldn't find coconut milk ;useff evap milk instead
  • Lisa, the FF evaporated milk is a good idea...coconut milk has a lot of fat (though, if you can find it, they do make "light" coconut milk with less fat) and it's saturated, so not the best kind.

    Great recipe, though!

    I make protein shakes this way:

    Use frozen fruit (P2 & 3, of course) instead of ice cubes (no dilution when they melt), no sugar added, about a cup or 2.
    Add 1 cup FF plain yogurt (I use Stonyfield Farms)
    I scoop protein powder (I use Wegman's brand Whey Protein Powder sweetened with Stevia, vanilla flavor)
    2-4 Tbsp of Psyllium Husk (adds fiber and makes you feel SOOOO full!)
    Add SF syrup and/or FF milk to thin it down, as needed.

    I whirl this in the blender and voila, a fantastic protein shake! It's low in calories, tastes decadent, and makes me incredibly full...and I never get full on smoothies!
  • We do have a breakfast thread and there are several recipes under Phase I entrees.
    I suggest hummus and veggies with plain yogurt, pea or bean soup, Taco Bake. shakes from our Recipes, leftovers from dinner, soup. etc. . Nobody says you need to have eggs and V8.
    I'm sure the Beachers will pop in with more suggestions.
  • Cottage cheese with carrots, celery or cherry tomatoes, Turkey or Canadian Bacon, Ham and cheese roll-ups.
  • leftovers are my breakfast most of the time... beans too- with a bit of salsa and cheese... yum!