Is this bread OK in Phase 2?

  • Just what the topic says, is this bread OK in Phase 2/3?

    If not... what Ingredient(s) are the ones that are not OK.



  • Looks fine to me.
  • Is my homemade bread ok in phase II?
    I make a homemade bread recipe that has many kinds of whole grains in it.
    For example: bulgar, steel-cut oats, cornmeal, wheat germ, whole wheat
    flour. It also has one cup of honey in it [the recipe makes 4 loaves of bread]
    I am wondering if this is acceptable for phase II for me? I have lost eight
    pounds so far in nine days on phase I.
  • Sorry but that amount of honey and the cornmeal makes it unacceptable, It sure sounds good though. Can you alter the recipe? i know you need a bit of honey or sugar for the yeast. Could you substitute Splenda for the rest of the sweetener?
    Congratulations on your weightloss so far.
  • My Homemade Bread, Part II
    Ruth, I can eliminate the cornmeal without any problem. The honey
    figures out to 1/4 cup or 4 tbs. per loaf of bread [since the recipe makes 4
    loaves]. Does the honey alone make it not ok? Thanks for the help.
  • In Phase II, you can have some honey. If you cut the loaf in 12 slices, you'll have a teaspoon in each loaf. The Guide says that sugar (and honey is sugar) can be used as an occasional treat or as an ingredient in baking. It is limited and a serving is one teaspoon. Somewhere limited is defined as once a week.

    I know I hate to mess with perfection but I would experiment with that recipe and Splenda. I'm pretty sure I'd want a slice of that bread more than once a week!
  • I'd eat the whole damned loaf in one sitting! It sounds yummy!!
  • There are a bunch of great cookbooks that use Splenda. I'm fond of Fabulous Foods Made With Splenda--you might want to see what she does with bread and then mess with your recipe. You'll want to keep some honey for flavor and to help the yeast rise (if any), but can probably use Splenda for the rest.

    Please post the recipe when you have it worked out. It sounds delicious!