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  • From the September 6, 2004 Daily Dish:

    Getting Started: Seven Things To Remember

    If you're in Phase 1 or getting ready to begin, print out the following and hang it on your refrigerator next to the list of Foods to Avoid and Enjoy. When you feel like you've gotten a little off track, or you've forgotten the key elements and goals of the South Beach Diet™, take a quick glance to refresh your memory.

    1. The South Beach Diet™ is not a low-carb or low-fat diet. The focus is on selecting the right carbs and fats.
    2. The South Beach Diet™ does not require you to limit portion size, count calories, or count grams of carbohydrates. You can eat until your hunger is satisfied.
    3. The South Beach Diet™ is flexible. You don't have to follow the meal plans to the letter—feel free to swap meals and ingredients to suit your tastes and needs.
    4. You can't lose in a day what it took years to put on. Permanent weight loss is a slow process. Eliminating the carbs that cause cravings makes weight loss easier.
    5. The South Beach Diet™ allows for the inevitable slipups—that is why there are three phases. It's okay to fall off the wagon as long as you get right back on.
    6. The South Beach Diet™ is a lifestyle change, not just another diet. Because it allows you to eat the way you actually like to eat, you can sustain it for the rest of your life.
    7. Weight loss is only one of the benefits of the South Beach Diet™. It will also improve blood chemistry—and lead to a healthier you.
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