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Lightbulb How to Choose Peanut Butter

Check out this article from Dr. A about how to choose peanut butter: http://www.southbeachdiet.com/sbd/pu...ut-butter.aspx

Here's a quote from the article:

Going Natural
On the South Beach Diet we recommend “natural” peanut butter, either freshly ground in the store or a national brand. Peanut butters labeled “natural” can only use peanuts and oil (usually peanut oil), although some do contain a little salt and occasionally a little sugar (look for brands with one gram of sugar or less). Because the peanut oil rises to the top in these natural products, you will have to stir it in. There are also “no-stir trans-fat-free” natural peanut butters available. These products usually contain palm oil or palm stearin, which is added to keep the contents from separating. There is no need to shop in health-food or specialty-food stores to find natural peanut butter these days. Most supermarkets carry it.
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While I am not on the SB diet, I appreciated this information. I already use natural nut butters (almond is my fave, as well as my 3 dogs' fave) and always have but I did not know that palm oil/stearin keeps the nut oil and butter from separating.

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I have a really dumb question and hope some one can shed some light on this. It was suggested to me that rather than stirring in the oil on top of natural peanut butter, a person can just pour it off, and use it as such. Any comments ?
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That's not a dumb question at all, michigangirl. You can pour off the extra oil, but your peanutbutter will be much thicker and drier. We're allowed to have the oil in the PB, it's actually good for you, so why not just enjoy it.
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I've learned how to finally get it all stirred up when I open a new jar. Store it upside down before you open it. It's made my natural peanut butter experience so much more happier. No more struggling with stirring it to get the bottom mixed up with the oil.
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I've got the Natural peanut butter, but you don't have to stir it. A tiny bit of oil settles in the cavern that is created when you scoop some out, but it's pretty well mixed. I think it's Skippy, but I'm not sure.
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Natural peanut butter is not necessarily all peanuts. It can also contain sugar and added fats.
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I first switched from my regular Skippy Crunchy Reduced Fat to Skippy or Jif Natural to store brand organic, no sugar added. It made the transition easier for me. The store brand one said to store it in the fridge after mixing to prevent separation and it totally works. Thanks to the PP who mentioned storing it before opening upside down - great idea!!
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I always just dump it in a storage container and mix it with a hand mixer the first time. I put the lid on and it keeps just fine. Its much easier to stir it again later when you've got room to move it around the bowl. Stirring a full jar of peanut butter is torture, lol.
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We buy Adams natural crunchy no salt added. We have a pb mixer, mix it once when it's new, and keep it in the cupboard. We eat it quick enough that it doesn't spoil and we don't need to mix it beyond the first time.
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I might just have to use the regular PB that we have in our cupboard since my parents buy all the groceries...I'll have have to keep the natural PB in mind when we run out and have to get more
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Kroger has Natural Peanut Butter under their brand now. We don't buy any other kind. It has 0 Trans fats, 2G of sugar (well poo, that's a little more than what Dr. A says, huh???), and the ingredients only consist of peanuts and salt.

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