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No longer super size!!!
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This is a great thread!!!

I will say that one of the things that has influenced my way of eating is the way I feel when I eat off plan/don't exercise/both. When I eat a meal full of carbs/sugar, I get EXTREMELY tired afterward and that afternoon nap becomes a necessity. I like sleeping, but I like living life better. And there's nothing like waking up after a four hour nap and feeling like I've slept the afternoon away, not being productive, because of the fried calorie laden high carb lunch I had.

There are other changes that I've noticed that I think are changes that I've made for life, including:

* Eating burgers without buns (if it's a good quality burger, I don't miss the bun)
* Keeping healthy snacks in the house instead of cookies/chips/etc
* Eating a salad with my meal, instead of fries/baked potatoes/mashed potatoes
* Ordering a salad as an entree (that was a HUGE change for me. In the past I never understood why someone would want a salad and that's IT).

And most importantly, going back to phase I after any sort of major "life event" (i.e. vacations, etc.).

Do I slip up? You bet - especially when "life" throws things at me that are beyond my control, like when your boss decides you have to go to a dinner meeting and chooses a restaurant that might not have anything totally on plan, or that wedding you have to attend that was very last minute. I try and let my "slip ups" only be one item at a meal, instead of the whole day, whole week, etc. I've also noticed that when I "slip up", I don't blow it anywhere near as bad as I used to. I remember when people would say "I just had one sliver of cake, and then I walked away"...and thinking to myself "I've never been able to do that". Now I can. I just don't do it often, because if I do overindulge in sugar habitually, the "sugar addiction" kicks back in, and I'm right back at square one.

And I do believe that sugar addiction is real.

ETA: The Walgreens story reminds me of a pic that I posted that was taken at Walgreen's (it's a funny, yet ironic picture):

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Hi everyone...Lexxiss recommended that I post this here from Thursday's thread. Hopefully it's a "learning experience" that can help others when they start to get off track due to social pressure...

I am in Phase 1. Tonight I had a big test, Potluck Dinner with Colleagues. Summertime is actually a great time for this because someone always grills meat, and I just brought a vegetable tray and deviled eggs to share so I knew I'd be sure to get enough to eat!

And yet, tonight had its challenges. I saw there was grilled chicken breast and got very excited. As I sat down to eat it, I realized it was lightly dusted in breadcrumbs. My nemesis! A voice I'll call Miss Wanting To Please Everyone starting purring in my ear, "You have to eat it, it would be rude not to." So, I did. And I'm not sure I totally regret that one either, it would have been pretty wasteful not to. I don't think the 1 T of breadcrumbs will send me reeling with cravings.

But then Miss Wanting to Please Everyone struck again as the meal was ending. My young son did not touch the slice of watermelon I put on his plate. Miss WTPE said to me, "You have to eat that. You can't throw away a perfectly good slice of watermelon." I ate one bite, thought about it, ate another. Then Miss Diet Fanatic started screeching at me, "You ruined it!! Three days on Phase 1 all down the drain for what - for what? You might as well give up now."

I told them both to shut up and let me think. Then, I threw the rest of the watermelon in the trash and have decided it's not going to be the end of me after all!
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Hope you were able to hop back on plan and have a better day today.
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A good holiday thread.
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Healthy mommy
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Yikes I could have sworn I just posted a response to this earlier, but it's not showing up. Since I keep having to refresh the page I might not have noticed it didn't post.

Anyhow, Cyndi, this is a really great post. I really enjoyed reading your post and everyone's posts as well in this thread. It is such a feel-good, inspiring thread.
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Great thread. Here's what works for me as far as family dinners and such. I usually will offer to bring a veggie dish. I always end up making 2. That way I know I at least can get my veg for the meal in. As far as meat goes, I just ask what being served and if its not ok for me I ask for or bring an alternative. So while everyone else is eating brats, I'll have chicken or a lean burger.

What it comes down to is just letting your friends and family know that this is a serious lifestyle change for you. Just stick to your guns and they will adapt to your needs. In fact, I now find that I am getting requests to bring veggie dishes to dinners and parties because everyone loves the creative things I bring! JOY!
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Working on healthy
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