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Default end of phase 1 - minimal loss

hi all - i originally posted last week in the "3 fat chicks" general support forum after only losing 1 pound after week one of phase 1 of SB. i did get some helpful feedback, but thought i would post here at the SB section and see if you all had any insight or a similar experience to mine. i am just about done with week 2 of phase 1 and have lost a total of 3 lbs.. i don't have a lot to lose - my start weight was 138, current is 135 and goal weight is 125. i am big on exercise and have been running 45 minutes the entire 2 weeks at a 5.6 pace on my treadmill. i also do 15 minutes of sit-ups, push-ups and walking lunges. my main question is: do people who have less to lose not have the same big loss (8 - 10 lbs.) after phase 1? i am eager to hear from you! thanks!
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yes Ican..the less you need to lose the slower it will come off. You may be offsetting fat loss by gaining muscle mass which is such a good thing. Fat and muscle weigh the same, Muscle just takes up much less room. - you might consider focusing on how your clothes fit rather than what the scale says. In addition, you could track your cals (fat/carb/protein/fiber/sodium etc) and activities in or another comparable tool to fine tune your diet. You might also want to check out the Fitness or Featherweights forum too.
Hope this helps!
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