Protein Shakes???

  • I am looking for some tasty protein shake recipes. I have never made them before but im thinking it would be good for a snack or breakfast.

    Thank You in advance.
  • I mix alba shake mix found in the diet section at the store and mix it with water, protein powder and makes like a shake and is really good
  • Cheryl: I've been making smoothies for a few years now and I've found that this simple recipe is the BEST. I get Soy Protien powder from Walmart (Monet doesn't like the soy, so she gets whey protien...your choice, I guess). In my blender, I chop some frozen fruit...mostly blueberries and/or strawberries. Then I add a half a glass of low-fat milk and one scoop of protien powder. Thats it...just those three ingredients and it's a yummy shake!! I also add other fruit if I want, but if its not frozen, then I chop some ice in the blender first. It makes the smoothie thicker to add the frozen items. Be can use bananas (make sure they still have green on the skin...the more green, the less insulin producing it will be), oranges, peaches, cantaloupe. Have fun with it!

  • I usually use only half of the recommended amount of protein Powder + 1 cup low fat or non fat plain yogurt+a half serving of my favorite Bolthouse juice either Green Goodness or Vitamin C Boost. I've also found that adding some ice makes it taste better.

  • Adding Bolthouse Farms juice is a GREAT idea wickchick! I love their juices! I just looked up their site and they even have some smoothie ideas that would be pretty easy to sub out. I will have to give this a try for Monday's breakfast!