Sick Rat. :(

  • My rat has pneumonia. He showed signs starting last night and I took her to the vet the second they opened. I got a week's worth of antibiotic injections and some stuff to help prevent dehydration so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she pulls through. But these guys are prey animals so they don't really show that they're sick until they're REALLY sick, I might have gotten her in too late.

  • KS, I'm very sorry. I had pet rats for years and also treated them in veterinary practice. Two things about rat pneumonia: 1- they often develop it only when they're older or sick with something else, so it's an uphill battle to get well again. 2- their most common type of infection is more resistant to antibiotics than the human equivalent. So, the prognosis is often not good. Don't think that this is your fault in any way; as you say, these little guys are masters at hiding symptoms. If you can take her into the bathroom while you have a hot shower, the steam may help (but no more than 15 min at a time, so she doesn't overheat).

    I wish you both the best - JZ
  • My rattie isn't cured but she is doing so much better. Her sister got a runny nose so I took her in too so I could start her on antibiotics. These guys do NOT love me right now, with all of the meds. But the one that is sicker bit a vet tech when she was getting fluids so she's definitely feeling way better than she was last week.

    I hope she appreciates me right now, I'm having to work as a sign holder for 4 days to pay rent because their treatment cost a lot. Lol.