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Cats are just so darn cute.
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This is so cute and funny!! Kaplods, I hear you about biting, my guinea pig, Snickers tends to nibble at fingers, every now and then, he'll keep biting a little bit harder each time to test me, then a real nip! I'll finally take my finger away and say "ow!! Stop biting me". Then he runs and jumps with a delighted squeak as if to say, "Haha! I bit Mom!" He thinks it's a game,
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Cats are awesome. My cat has a fascination with little dancing cartoon men you sometimes see in ads.
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how cute! thanks for sharing. I am also a cat lover and had a good chuckle reading your story.
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My cats *love* the videos of the birds at the feeders. They can watch those forever. I'll occasionally turn on the Wii and put them on the TV via the YouTube app, and the cats will sit side by side determined to get those birds until the video is done.
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I must have a defective cat! I showed her the cat vid from the link posted. Absolutely not interested one iota! I even pointed her eyes toward the screen and nothing.

But if I get the teaser toy out she will chase it down or jump several feet in the air just to catch the feather tease.
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My shorthair loves a catvideo by Youtube user outofthebiz blandly titled "Video for Cats". It's 45 minutes of blackbirds eating seed. But she also really loves "The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross".

My Maine Coon yawns at Youtube, but she will sit and watch the whole Animal Planet Puppy Bowl with me every year. She also watched Grumpy Cat's Christmas special last year.

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I have to check this out. Speaking of youtube stuff lately I've been addicted to lil bub!
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Haha, that's great!

Love how you 'turned on the wrong squirrel show'

Pets really can be quite amusing!
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