My pet snake

  • We have a ball python named Severus. We just got him 6 weeks ago (maybe a bit more). He's a juvenile, we think a little under a year or so, and he's awesome! Docile and friendly. Here is a picture...

    He's a bit shy, but he has lovely markings (at least we think it's a he, but I'm not experienced enough to pop the poor thing myself, so we're not 100% sure). My husband is building him a custom cage, it's pretty cool with two hiding/nesting areas and two levels. I love when people get close to the glass like "What do you have in there" and then they see it's a snake and they freak. That is so funny. lol

    Anybody else with not-so-fuzzy pets?
  • Gorgeous! Beautiful colors and markings! So, he's "a-Slytherin"?

    I used to have an iguana named Butch. Now, I have the bunny (Patches). Snakes are terribly cool! Someday ... I'd like a monitor.
  • He's beautiful! One of my favorite pets I've ever had was my tarantula.
  • Admittedly, I'm not usually a snake person, but he's beautiful!! And I love the name
  • Gorgeous yearling! What is he eating? F/T mice or is he still on pinkies?

    Man, you're making me miss my corn snake Gorgeous sunglow motley colors too. I had to give him away when I moved back home, we have a strict 'no pet' policy.
  • Teehee Severus Snake. Very cute.

    And OH MAN. Can you post a picture of that tank?! It sounds AWESOME.

    I've got an 8 year old amelanistic corn snake and an almost 1 year old crested gecko. I love reptiles. I've been trying to convince my boyfriend to get a skink.
  • A. LOVE the name.
    B. Makes me miss my python so so much. Had to give her away before I went to college 6 years ago.
    Wish we could have another, but we have a hamster and I cannot take that chance.
  • Yes! Five snakes here - albino Burm baby, three Kenyan sand boas, one Kahl albino boa (that's him on my head in my avi). Retic is next!

    If I can figure out how to attach photos (upload failed several times even though the photo is the right size to upload), I'll share.
  • He's so wonderful! And I love the name too (isn't it obvious?). Hope that this little guy is having a nice day
    I had a tarantula once, his name was Charley. Charley was our faithful companion during my college years.
    Unfortunately, he escaped once and... there was a very sad story in the result