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I feed my puppies (poodles) Royal Canine
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I feed my miniature schnauzer Nature's Variety frozen raw and prairie kibble. She gets the raw medallions in the morning, and kibble in the evening. She also gets the occasional banana as a snack - she goes nuts for them.
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Nilla is allergic to chicken and I try to keep her away from grains as much as possible because I don't believe it's really really good for her in high doses. She was on Blue Buffalo but I thought it was still a bit too high in grains for her so I switched her over to Orijen's six fish formula. Her coat while shiny on Blue is now AMAZING on Orijen. The bag smells so good when you open it and has tons of fish ingredients (not just 1 or 2 at the top of the list, which is kind of misleading b/c when you dehydrate meat you take away most of its moisture) for protein along with other good things.

She does really well on it. I watch dog food ingredients like a hawk. My parents' papillon was on Science Diet until I convinced them it was basically like McDonald's for dogs (nothing but crappy ingredients; first one CORN) but because of a weight problem brought on by her seizure medications, the vet put her on a special vet food which isn't bad. My dad's black lab is on Kirkland dog food from Costco and it's actually a pretty decent food with low grain content and a decent amount of protein.

Nilla also gets scraps - some people don't agree with it, but that's just how it is here. Occasionally I'll make a "stew" for her with some cooked beef, carrots (which she loves) potatoes, and some gravy, and she gets the occasional carrot or watermelon (which she also loves). I keep her diet varied, but for the most part she gets her Orijen kibble and she gobbles it all up.
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I'm having issues with my cats. I have a one year old and an 18 week old. The 18 week old came from the shelter and had never (probably never) had canned food. He devours it and loves every kind I've offered. My year old cat was an "oops" litter of a friend and I took him in as a favor. He was well raised, but they didn't feed canned. I wanted to feed canned because I feel they need it as they often don't drink enough water. I had had a cat 20 years ago that developed urinary crystals due to this--and due to grocery store food.

So I feed grain free to both my dog and cats. My dog gets dry Taste of the Wild. The cats eat dry Felidae. The canned run the gamut from BFF (Best Feline Friend), WeRuVa, Merrick, and others. My kitten, as I said, loves everything that is put in front of him. I frankly think he is just plain grateful. My older cat often sniffs the canned and walks away (which usually means the kitten ends up eating his, too, even though they are fed in different rooms). The other day, my son (to whom the older cat belongs) said he wanted to try different food for the cat just to see if he'd eat it. We picked up three pouches of Whiska's. While I'm not happy with this, the cat did eat some of it.

I am wondering if I should stick with this food for him? What do you all think?
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