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Default New Nursing Mom

Hi Ladies!

I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. I have two great kids, DD is 2 1/2 and DS is 2 months. I am nursing and pumping and trying to do a modified South Beach diet. Just started today! I would love to hear any suggestions you have, and look forward to meeting a new skinnier me!
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Hi there =)
Congrats on your new baby. I found it difficult to slim straight away after the first one but at number 2 I am sure it will be easier.
I am doing low fat after bub as I got so confused with low carb. How are you coping with two littlies?
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Hi! Congrats on your baby. I also started a modified SBD plan, as I don't want to affect my milk production. I'm really looking forward to working out again, and may start a bit sooner than my 6 week checkup

Here's to a skinnier us!
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Welcome! My only tip is to get the South Beach Diet cookbook if you haven't already. It's got a recipe for whole wheat bread in it that's just 'ono (tasty). There are some other really great recipes too. Oh, & don't neglect your good carbs; South Beach is NOT a low-carb program unless you make it one.
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Thanks Ladies! I made it through day one, whew! I am only cutting out sugar, bread and pasta type foods. I am definitely a carb addict , so I know the first few days will be hard. I am also going to start doing my Firm workouts. I did them a few years ago and loved them, but let having kids be my excuse to stop.
Ocean Girl: I love having two. My Daughter thinks the baby is hers and is a great helper, although it is much more work. . Congrats on your pregnancy! Are you going to find out what you are having?
Toy Box: Wow! You just had Jasmine! Congrats to you! I hope everything is going great. I understand with the milk supply concern. I think we can keep it up if we make sure to get enough good carbs and water.
Thanks Sabra, I will make sure I pick it up this weekend! Great idea!
Have a great day!
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Hi Cocoz Mom! I'm a newbie here too! Working on Weight Watchers, I'm a total carb addict, so I thought calorie counting would be easierfor me to stick with. I am totally impressed you are going the southbeach route. My mom is diabetic (not nursing), she lost like 10 pounds a month the first four months. It worked really well for her, as I hope it does for you.

BTW, how do you like the firm videos??
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