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i had a baby three months ago, and am nursing. i talked to my doctor the other day, and she told me to try and keep my calorie intake around 1800 calories. you burn between 200-500 cal a day breast feeding. i am using to count my calories. it is also nice, because i can make sure i am getting enough vitamins and nutrients so diego has good, healthy breast milk. good luck!
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Hi all!!! I have been posting on this site for a while, but I just found out that I am pregnant, so I went looking for a different thread to post on. I found this one and thought that this would be a great place to meet other expectant moms and new moms. This is my first child so I will probably have a lot of questions! Congrats to all the expectant moms!!

25lbs is the most I hope to gain during my pregnancy:
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Hi. I am new to this site, but so happy I found it. I am 28 wks pregnant and really struggling with my weight. I gained a lot of weight while bf my daughter. I weaned her at 20 months. I had just started to get back into shape (even started jogging again), when I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 (a total surprise after needing fertility treatments for 1 and 2).
I feel so huge and disgusting right now. And I haven't been eating well at all. Chocolate is my trigger food, and the only thing I want to eat right now. Even when I do make positive steps, it is so hard to see any changes because of my huge stomach. I've also put on a lot of weight on my hips and back.
I'd like to start making better eating choices, get back on track, be healthy again. I need a place to come to be accountable. I hope this is the right place.
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Heather, when I first found out I was pregnant, I completely stopped exercising and eating right. That lasted about 3 weeks before I asked myself what I was doing. It's hard to stay motivated to keep eating right and exercising when you're going to gain weight no matter what you do. But I kept up the motivation by reminding myself that not only would the exercise help me have a healthy baby and pregnancy, as would the eating right, but I would continue my habits so that once the baby did come, I would be able to lose the pregnancy weight again.

BTW, I hear chocolate's good for you. LOL
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Hello everyone! I am the mommy to 3 little girls, Alexandria (7), Eryka (6) and Jocelyn (3)...Kerridwen will be born in due date for her is the 19th.

Funny story this pregnancy....

I was completely unaware I was pregnant till my 21st week when I felt her moving. I had been on birth control ( I have 2 BC babies now) and losing weight (Lost 45 pounds from 8/05 to 12/05 from exotic dancing and sensible eating) then it plateaued for a bit..till I realized I was pregnant.

So now, I am 33 weeks along, and have gained about 12 pounds so far. I am eating healthy, but the doctors are still monitoring me...which I think is weird becasue I am bloody overweight...not like I need to gain 30 pounds on top of that.

I am planning to breast-feed, aside from being the best nutrition for the baby, and the cheapest, it does help your body kinda bounce back a little, so maybe I can get back into my dancing.

I have upped my caloric intake by about 300-500 more a day than I was Im getting roughly 2000. After the baby, I can drop that a little and maintain a good diet while promoting weight loss. Supposedly.

When I first fouind out about the baby, I was actually kinda mad in a selfish way. I had worked so hard and now I was gonna blow it becasue of pregnancy. Usually...i gain all of my weight AFTER the baby is born.

Anyone recommend anything?
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I didn't see an intro forum, so I'll introduce myself here since I am nursing.

I'm Melanie. My dh is Kevin. We have 2 kids, Calvin (5) and Heather (4 mos).

I've been overweight since I was eight (I'm 38 now) and fat since I was 19. I haven't been below 200 lbs since I was 21 and then it was only 198. I've tried numerous diets and exercise programs. I know so much about nutrition that I could probably write a book. However, all that knowledge has not helped me to lose weight. I know what to do, I just don't know how to make myself stick to it. My kids inspire me to try again for several reasons.
1) To be able to keep up with them.
2) I want to be here to watch them grow up.
3) I want to set a good example for them.

I'm nursing my baby girl right now. I tried starting a diet/exercise program when she was 2 mos and I just couldn't make it work. I was always starving and I noticed a dip in my milk supply. Now that she is 4 mos, I'm going to try again.

I've been poking around the site and I am really inspired by the success I have seen here. This seems like a great place.
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I'm not sure how I missed this place. Anyway, I am Angela. I have two boys Brantley - 3 and Jonathan 3 months. I plan on nursing for the entire first year. So far I have done very well with my weight loss. Gained 33 and have lost 43. I have been walking 2 miles most days. I am getting my double stroller today!!! I just watch what I eat and make sure to drink plenty of water.
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Hey there, I am not new to 3FC, but I am new here. I had my DD 2 2/3 years ago. I am still tring to lose the weight. I was 183 and quickly lost down to around 160 then I tetter tottered there for the next two years until around august. I have now lost 15lbs, and have 15 left to goal.

Now DH wants another baby, (I do too) But I have to be honest and say, I am terrified of putting the weight back on. I gained 70! last time. Its not about looks. When my baby was born, it was all I could do to change her diaper. The extra weight was too much for me, and my back would ache terribly.

SO this time around, I want to start @ my original weight, (15 more to go!!)and only gain the 25 or 30 that your supposed to.

I am on WW, and am eating 20points. Will I be able to stay on ww through the pregnancy, and how many points would I add? And if anyone here know, what is the number of points someone get if they are 135 and maintaining?

Thanks so much
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Hi ladies-most of us here are chatting in the nursing/pregnancy part of the forum here under the regular threads rather than this "Sticky".

There is a lot of activity in these threads! Come join us!

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I am new here as well,my name is Jayme; i am 31 years old and expecting baby #2,, my first born (son) is going to be 10 years old in January and I am expecting my 2nd baby , a baby girl at the end of January!!! Its like starting over again, but we are thrilled

I am extremely overweight and so far, i havent gained this pregnancy and hope to keep my gain to an absolute minimum, and to continue excercising 5x/week.
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I am new here, my name is Kayse I have a 7 week old and I am nursing. I plan on nursing for another 4-7 months.
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Default New Member here

Hi, I am new to this forum, and I wanted to introduce myself. I am currently nursing a 5 month old baby boy (my angel) belonging to My fiance' and I. I have three kids from a previous relationship, all who were also breast fed. My fiance' has a son from a previous also, but he calls me momma, because i am the only one he has ever known. All in all, am a happy person, but I am struggling to lose weight after giving birth. It seems so hard to do while breastfeeding because I am always hungry and can never seem to find time to exersize. My baby is pretty demanding and likes to have all attention on him. If not, he wails!! I am not at all upset about this, because, after all, they are only babies once! So, I guess I need a little support from people who have been here, done this lol! Hope to hear from you guys!
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Default Newbie (sort of)

My name is Brandy and I am 26. I am expecting my new baby girl Dec. 8th 2009. This is my first baby and I am super nervous about the labor and everything. I am about 100lbs over wieght. So far I am border line diabetic and have border line blood pressure. Everything with her seems fine. I lost about 20lbs before I got pregnant and am just now reaching my heaviest weight. Having a hard time not eating 24hrs a day. I used to post and have a blog but haven't been active for a really long time. I am hoping to get back on track as soon as she is born or at least after Jan. 1st. I will probaly wait until the new year to start my diet. I don't know about breast feeding yet. I will try to see if I like it.
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i am kinda new on this forum but i just wanted to ask Charbar / Dana how did u lose all that weight my aughter is 4 1/2 months and i have only lost 4 lbs plus i just started the fat smash diet......

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Hi- I just joined this forum and am so excited! I'm a nursing mom with a 4 month old baby, our youngest of 3

So many people say to me- "Oh, You'll lose weight when you nurse" and I've never found that to be true since I'm hungrier and have to make sure I eat enough with Nursing!!! Anyone else every heard that before?
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