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Default At the mercy of adversions/ palatable foods and hunger when pregnant, anyone else??

So when not pregnant, without any effort, I will always seem to stable out around 165 lb, +/- 5 lbs. But I prefer to weigh around 150 or less, so this requires attention to my intake (amount and content) and exercise (I run).

However with each pregnancy, I end up at over 200 lbs, which comes off afterwards, but still...

My goal this time is to stay under 200, and as of now I'm 166. And I'm really taking note of the issue that contributes to my weight gain.

During the first trimester, I am usually very sick (I was up until about 2 weeks ago) and with each pregnancy I've lost weight at first. (With my last baby I was the sickest, and lost nearly 15lbs by the 2nd trimester!)

Now with this pregnancy my nausea has begun to subside and I am at the mercy of what sounds like I can eat and not throw up. Its not like I have a craving, it like if I try to eat anything besides XYZ, I'll be sick.

Now the foods are ok, peaches, eggs, toast with butter, pretzels, cheese sandwiches with lettuce (that one seems weird) and apples with peanut butter (which is natural no added sugar).....But I'm not able to eat any thing like a salad or veggies, or fish or chicken....

Next I am needing to eat about every 2-3 hours or I get very nauseous and light headed and shakey. So overall I am now taking in more calories than I should be. I think less for what I am eating but for how often. And eating less at a "meal" is not an option. (I'm already keeping my portions smaller because if I over eat I get sick)
Substitutes are NOT an option. Its not like when I'm not pregnant where I can make and enjpy healthier choices like fresh veggies. when pregnant, if I try to sub something out, or force myself to eat a salad or whatnot, its not going to end well. It will make me sick.

As my appetite is returning heavier foods are sounding good and I am saying no to those that are high calorie like for some reason chips sounded really good today, but I knew that I could eat a peach and enjoy it, so I ate the peach. (I would have had to stop for chips on the way home)

But still the weight has already begun to creep on! I feel trapped. Like I have to eat, and it has to be something from the "foods I that wont make me sick list" and if I want something not as good like the chips, I can ignore that, but I still have to go back to my list (apple and PB, toast, pretzels, peaches...)

Anyway, I read women counting calories and "making healthy choices" while pregnant, all that I can do not pregnant, but during pregnancy I get physically ill if I don't eat exactly what, when and how much my body is telling me. Its not like my body is saying eat McDonalds (actually that sounds so gross) but if I feel like the only thing I can eat are pretzels, then I eat them until I don't feel that nauseous hunger anymore. And if I feel that sick hunger feeling an hour from then and I need to eat 2 peaches to feel better, I do. Those foods might not sound as bad as McDonalds, but they still add up to weight gain if eating too may calories.

Anyone else??

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I am feeling in a similar way! I am 26 weeks pregnant at the moment and my daughter is due at the beginning of December.

Right now I weigh 12st11 (179 pounds) and before pregnancy I was 12st8 so only 3 pounds on so far. I was also right in the middle of my weight loss when I got pregnant having lost over 4 stone over the last year.

I lost about 9 pounds with morning sickness up to week 14 but now I want to eat, eat and eat some more.

Also living in Portugal it is super hot right now and the sleepy feeling makes you want to eat more.

But I am hoping to keep it in check - so watch this space!
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My list isn't as small as yours, but I do experience a similar pattern. Weight loss for 12 weeks or so, then another 12 weeks of small appetite, and then the hunger comes roaring back in the third tri.

10 meals of 200 calories each using your acceptable foods isn't so bad. You'd control your weight gain while still taking plenty in. How wide is your palate nonpregnant? I ask because I'd feel better if there was even 1 cruciferous veg on the list, or berries, or one animal protein. Can you do nibbles of other foods? 2 oz of shredded meat is pretty small.
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