Its too quiet around here! Any other summer mamas?

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  • Mickeypnd I used dilectin (sp?) and only took the edge off but didn't take it all away. One day it just stopped at about 10 weeks then of course I had a raging sinus infection that I needed two rounds of antibodics :/ I hope you start to feel better. Talk to your doc? Like Jules I've heard good things about Zofran.

    As for being tired, it went away for a few weeks but now at 21 weeks I find I fad fast now. One time this past week I was in bed again at 730 (was doing that during my first)...but I'm quasi 'normal' during the day if that makes sense. During my first tri I was exhausted ALL day.

    I just went to meeting in another building and those people hadn't seen me for 6 weeks. I spent most of the time answering the question "how are you feeling"...I was thinking "whoa, I need to ask any other pregnant lady something DIFFERENT!"
  • Do any of you guys work outside the home? If so, when do you plan on cutting hours/going on maternity leave?

    Anyone else have the Doctor Google problem? I find myself google searching pretty much the worst case scenario (or it ends up leading to that because everyone's got a horror story). I'm doing well, but reading all the things that can happen make me feel like all of them are going to happen to me. So... I've pledged to myself and my babies that I will not google search bad things (or read into them). I've found a good site on positive and successful (no complication) twin births and it's been comforting.

    I deal with a lot of stress and anxiety, and seem to have to worry about something (ALWAYS). I was diagnosed with OCD as a child, and that stems out of it, but I know the worrying has to stop because it's just not productive and it helps absolutely nothing.
  • I work 8.5 hrs a day outside of home. For my first, I worked up until 39 weeks since I ended up with an elective c/s at 39w5d. I felt great and didn't mind working whatsoever since I have a desk job most of the time. Plus, there is a/c indoors and it was pretty hot back then. I'll probably do the same for this one, work up to my due date if I go late, unless I need to leave for health reasons. We have a liberal leave policy here, so as long as I have leave to use, I'll stay out of the office. Should be right around 12 weeks off with pay.

    JulesMarion - I was definitely like that with my first. For this one, I'm a little less obsessive. I don't really check anything in terms of symptoms, but I am on the What to Expect boards pretty frequently reading how other mommas to be are doing.
  • I work full time and barring any complications my projected last day is the 21 May. Crossing my fingers I can go that long. My due date by Doc is 26 May and my due date (cause I was tracking) is 31 May so anytime that last week or first week of June. I just don't want to go too early and then have those weeks lost before I go back.

    I try to stay away from google too, sometimes it's hard even just NOT questioning in my head is hard not to do. I've told my mom "sometimes I feel like I'm doing everything wrong even though I know I'm not". I was also told that this will never go away, it's part of prego brain that turns immediately into mom brain. The worry will always be there.

    I had a rough 7-10 days, had a tooth bothering me that progressively got worse until I couldn't sleep much less on my left side, I couldn't touch my left cheek. Ended up calling the dentist on his 'emergency' line and he opened the clinic to do an emergency root canal on Saturday. Got some relief and some sleep but then the next day the throbbing came back and he called in some antibodics for me which is helping. First morning without tylenol today but will probably need one before bed. I would have given my left boob for an advil or aleve in the last weeks! :/
  • Wow, gretel you guys have a generous maternity leave! I'm getting better with not being so freakishly worried, but I have nightmares sometimes that bring up fears I didn't have before.

    Ishbel, sorry about your tooth! Tooth pain sucks, especially when you really don't have any pain killers. Ice packs?

    I work 32 hours a week at a desk job, not sure how maternity leave will go yet but my boss is very understanding and has basically just left it up to "we'll see how things go," and mentioned working from home partially, which is very nice. My legs are killing me today, and they were last night. I get restless legs when I have too many sweets past... it seems like 4 pm now. Only got up about two times last night, which was nice compared to the usual 6-7 times. I've already got a bump! I have to kind of flatten my stomach out to see it, but it's definitely there. I started feeling the babies move about 13 weeks and it's been pretty fun, my husband even was able to feel it the other night. (They say with twins you feel them sooner, and I believe it!)

    Sometimes I wonder if things have really sunk in, some of my friends from church have been telling me I'm handling things really well (when of course they're not in my neurotic worry-filled brain), and then part of me wonders how I'm supposed to be handling things other than how I am? I haven't freaked out yet or had a complete mental breakdown *knock on wood*. I recognize this will be a lot of work, and to me it's just the next exciting step in life, not something to be freaked out about. It kind of bothers me that the first thing many people tell me when I say I'm having twins is "That's going to be a LOT of work!" all the time. I get some people have the notion children are easy and things will be rainbows and daisies, but I'm a little more literal and realistic with things, and sometimes I just want someone to say "Congratulations, that's so exciting - I'm sure you'll do wonderful, here's my number for when you want a nap." ... Is that so much to ask for?? :P
  • JulesMarion - We technically don't have any maternity leave though. All of the leave I have is what I've been saving by not taking any time off. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome - but anyone in the office could do the same thing for any reason. Our sick leave doesn't expire, so I've been saving as much of that as possible since my daughter was born. In the almost 3 years, I have just as much leave saved as I did back then.

    Ishbel - I just got a cavity filled at about 10w. I was panicking in the office but I told them I was pregnant and there is nothing wrong with the dental work. I sort of wish I waited until the 2nd trimester, but I'm happy that it's done and I don't have to worry about it anymore. I hope you have some pain relief now!
  • Hey ladies,

    Just super busy and super tired. Finally able to eat gum on the left side but not too much. I'm almost done the's not behind me yet, still have to go back and get it completed. He only put medication in the empty tooth where the plup was. <BIG SIGH>.

    We have pretty good maternity here, Canadians are given a year if they've worked 600 hours before hand. I also have pretty good top up from my employer but have to guarantee a year back.

    I was quite excited about getting dental work too but both the dentist and my MD were ok with it. Course with the pain, it's the lesser of the evils. Most definately feel that baby felt the tension in my body (not the pain though apparently). Poor little thing was jumping something fierce!

    Anyone having insomnia? I'm up hanging out trying to sleep everynight, I was like that before tooth pain, it was worse WITH tooth pain but back to 'normal' now. People who tell me I should sleep when the baby sleeps (when it comes), meh, sleep before your pregnant!
  • I'm having a more difficult time sleeping, too. I guess that's to be expected! Just found out I have a second urinary tract infection (argh!!) but luckily I got some antibiotics. Just pray all goes well. I'm 16 weeks, 4 days and the later in you get I hear the more dangerous UTIs can be. I have a rather large bump now, when I flatten my stomach out, so that's exciting!
  • Ahhhh! I just found out my OBGyn is pregnant with twins too! How crazy! She's about two months behind me. This will make my appointments even that much more exciting!
  • Wow!!! That's kinda cool to have a doc going thru the same thing and probably having some of the same concerns so way more empathy I would think.

    I am moving from my regular MD to the catcher in feb who is dude lol wish I could keep my regular one :/
  • HOLY SH*****TTTT ISHBEL!!!!! I have dropped off the face of the 3FC planet and WOWZER!!!! Are you gonna be a mommy!!!! SOOOOOO HAPPPYYYYY!!!!!! I haven't been on the IP forum as I'm not exactly 'on-plan' anymore, or maintaining...look at what news I miss when I'm away....

    ^^Didn't mean to drop in on the expecting mom's chat (I'm 5 months post-partum)...but ISHBEL is awesome. She was my inspiration when I lost weight before trying to get pregnant. Did I mention how happy I am for you girlfriend?
  • Hey Lizz! you actually made me laugh out loud! HAHA!

    yup, I"m here...I'm due end of May...tired all the time. Can't sleep for no other reason but hormones I think. Sometimes I wanna punch the VIP for sleeping so well, even admitted this morning that I was jealous of his sleep and he said "I slept but it doesn't feel like it!" which kinda made me feel better but I didn't tell him that.

    We should all move to the Feb Chat group?? Anyone with me??
  • I'm all for moving to Feb. chat...