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Default Taking a step back after drop in milk supply...

I have been trying to follow a calorie count of about 1900-2000. Which I would think would be enough, but there were a few days when I was hungry at the end of the day. I've been eating healthy, and actually wanting to eat healthy which makes this easier, it just that I want a bit more than I'm allowing myself. If I eat to humger, since I tried this on a few days but still logged calories, I eat 2700 calories. But really I've been trying to stick with the 1900.

It seemed I'd had a drop in my milk supply the past day or two. I can't be sure but I'm not "full" anymore and the baby has been nursing and frustrated by it all day. It might be a growth spurt but in the morning I'm usually very full and yesterday I wasn't.

I've been reading and some information says a minimum of 1800 cals is god for BFing, some sources say don't diet at all the first 2 months..I used a calculator for BFing and weightloss I found on line, and my stats say I should eat about 2100 cals...I was thinking since I eat about 2700 to feel satisified that I would start aiming for 2500, and lower it weekly, after making sure my milk supply is ok.

My DH says I should just forget weighloss for now and just exercise and eat healthy...only its depressing to stay at this weight any longer than I have to. I remember having the same issue with my last baby and ultimately I ended up doing just that, eating healthy and to hunger...And I didn't lose or gain a pound until I weaned, then it mealted off...I've also read that some women don't lose weight while nursing b/c of the hormones, but notice right after weaning the weight just comes right off...figures I'd be one of those...

So idk what to do at this point, but I don't want to jepordize BFing, and I don't want tp keep this weight on longer than I need to...
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It has been a LONG time since I was a nursing mom (youngest is 15)...but...I do remember that I ate healthy and exercised and like you said when my son was starting to wean, I started really "working" at losing weight and it worked.

I also remember that if I was stressed, milk was low and baby was stressed, fussy and hungry....which made my stress worse...and so on and so forth.

My suggestion is to eat what you are comfortable with....healthy foods that will give you and your baby quality milk, work out and just try and relax and not stress too much about it. Remember, the baby has to be first...up your calories a bit, maybe add a few minutes on the treadmill so you feel better..get those endorphines up...and enjoy being a new mom
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I would eat to hunger and not focus on calories.
I am one of those women who don't lose weight while bf'ing...
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I've been eating to hunger. My supply hasn't dropped (I've always had a pretty good supply with all my kids), but neither has my weight. I do tend to hold on to some extra pounds while breastfeeding that don't come off until I wean.

My advice would be eat healthy (which you're doing), and eat to hunger. Also, exercise. Now is an excellent time to tone and build some smokin' hot muscle. Then when you lose the weight, you'll have some sexy muscle to show off!
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i just res;onded to this on the other thread about exercise after baby,,,sorry i'm a bit spacey from sleep deprivation. I am having and issue with my supply probably related to poor start with bf (explained on other thread) hypothyroidism and anemia..i've been doing a lot of reading on what can effect milk supply, since i EBF my other son, actaully i used to have a great supple with him. I was by this point with my other son,i was pumping 4-5 oz a breast and stocking up for me going back to work at 6 weeks...I pumped yesterday and barely got an oz ...idk what's going on...And i abandoned dieting 100%, i mean i'm not shovling crap in my face, but I'm eating to hunger, and then some.

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