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Default new and pregnant, want to find support!

Hello everyone
I wanted to introduce myself here. I joined this board in early 2012 with a lot of weight to lose and started out great, unil a bunch of life obstacles hit me and sadly I couldn't get my weight under control

I recently began to start again, and suddenly had the shock of my life when I discovered 2 days ago that I am pregnant! I already have 2 and wasn't "necessarily" going for any more. DEFINITELY wasn't trying! And especially not at this weight and in this state.
I am excited, shocked, but also absolutely petrified to have a start weight of this pregnancy close to what I was at 9 months with my second one.

I am scared and nervous and wanting to not gain any weight and even lose healthily if that is possible and ok. I've been trying to read a lot about this. But nothing has been more of a wake up call to make myself a priority and get healthy NOW.
I'm seeking support, friends, groups of those in similar situation - anything!

And hoping I can make it through this journey healthily and from then on to ALWAYS make it a major priority in my life.
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Hi facingfacts!

Congrats on the surprise! I imagine a lot of us came into the world that way, I know I did. When are you due? Mine is December 19th.

Without boring you with too much of a backstory, I'd been working extra, extra hard to lose weight after losing my first pregnancy to a miscarriage early last year, in hopes of carrying a healthy baby full-term. I'd managed to lose over 60 pounds by the time I'd found out I was pregnant (150 down from my highest!). And as much as I want a baby, I felt like I'd been stopped in my tracks. I was on such a roll, at my lowest weight since junior high(!), and only 12 pounds away from a super major goal of only being "overweight" as opposed to "obese" for the very first time in my adult life! I'm both excited and frustrated, lol. Part of me is afraid I'll have a hard time starting up again once the baby is here, and I'm still cringing over the watching the scale go up, even only slightly, even though it's what my doctor wants to see. I've been working so hard for over a year to lose, and I've had to change my mindset about most everything.

Basically, you should go over your weight concerns with your doctor; it's something I brought up with mine immediately, asking specifically how much she wants me to gain. Also ask to get tested for gestational diabetes right away, as your risks are higher with your weight and it's best to take care of things now if there are any issues. My doctor hadn't actually planned on testing me until the second trimester, which is the norm for someone at an average weight, but I'm glad I got those worries out of the way since I was extra high-risk for it, also given my blood sugar history.

Just keep eating healthy (you only need about 300 extra calories a day) and get plenty of low-impact exercise in to ensure you're strong and flexible for the delivery. I can't really give much more advice though; I'm only 15 weeks along myself and everything is very new to me still! I'm just hoping that I don't gain too much and that it won't be an issue to get back on track once the baby's here (I do plan on breastfeeding if possible so that extends things even further). What I'm doing for now is logging my food in a weekly planner, like I've already been doing for the past year, to ensure that I'm staying mindful about eating healthy meals. I'm still watching my portions and concentrating on veggies, lean meats, cheese, greek yogurt, healthy fats, fruit, whole grains, and I'm continuing to avoid added sugar and overly processed crap; I just make sure I eat a little extra. I'm hoping that it'll help ensure not only a healthy pregnancy, but that it can help me transition back into weight loss mode so I can reach my goal in the next couple of years and so my baby can grow up with an active, healthy mom, and not one that sits on the sidelines and just watches everything.

Good luck to you!
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Hi Facingfacts12!

I too, just found out I was pregnant (only 4 weeks!) I am due March 11, 2014. I'm waiting on my first doctors appointment - Not until July 26th! - and have been havng the same worries! I've been researching alot (I've found a wealth of helpful info) and am going to try my best to make sure that I am eating a rounded diet no extra sugary or processed junk, just like Elladorine. My friend that has a 3 year old suggested that walking and swimming are the best options for pregnant exercise, so I have been continuing my nightly walks with my hubby. The biggest thing I've been worrying about is whether it's safe to continue eating certain "diet" foods. From what I've found things like Slimfast is a no no (I LIVED on slimfast mix at work), but crystal light is okay in moderation (2 packs a day). I recommend you research as much as possible and when you go to your doctor double check that what you found out is true or not. That's my plan anyway. I am writing down everything I find out that is important to me and am going to give my doctor a headache with all the questions I have. I am a bit obsessive and a self-admitted control freak, so I am having a hard time adjusting to what I can and can't do. lol

Congratulations! I'm so excited that I'm going through this with others here. We pregos can stick together and help each other out!

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