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Default Feeling self disgust after insurance phone call

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and signed up for a pregnancy program through my health insurance--if I agree to periodic calls then they will pay $300 extra dollars on my hospital bill. Since I have to have a c-section that will be a big bill, so of course I went for it. So they called and of course they wanted to know my height and weight, and then I got quite scolded for being obese and advised that I can only gain 11 pounds in the next 7 months.

I know I'm fat. I know that one of the worst sins in America is to be fat (well, it feels that way ). Of course insurance wants me to be the perfect weight because they are watching dollars, yadda yadda yadda. I know all that. It just made me feel really bad and defeated. Of course I'm all pregnant and hormonal, which doesn't help. All morning I've been trying to think how I can diet while pregnant without setting off my hairtrigger morning sickness. Anyway, it's a pity party!
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If my insurance company gave my wife medical advice on the phone when she was pregnant, I'd be round there right about now with a baseball bat. Or a tennis racket. The cops don't spot that one as easy.

What were they thinking? Ignore them. And listen to a real doctor.
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As a mother of three, I can tell you to listen to your doctor regarding your weight and any other health advise.

The insurance company is about numbers, not people. They have charts and graphs and if you are not fitting into it perfectly they look bad.

This is your baby, your health, your life. If your doctor says only gain 11 lbs, great, go with that. If your doctor says gain 50 lbs (not likely to happen lol) great go with that. Personally I would not try to "diet" while pregnant, but I would watch what I was eating. Being pregnant does not give you leave to eat whatever whenever you want! Happy healthy mommy=Happy Healthy baby!
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Congratulations on your pregnancy, Virginiamom!

I'm sorry you had to deal with a phone call like that.
I had a doctor's appointment like that when I started going for my fertility treatments. My BMI was over 40 and they told me they couldn't help me unless I lost weight, it was hospital policy, blah blah blah.

I understand they have guidelines to follow (my hospital and your insurance company) but sometimes a little compassion could go a long way in their presentation of information.

I agree with the above posters, go with what your doctor says. That's the most important part. Congrats again!
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I'm so sorry they upset you! I am also five foot even, and I was way bigger at the start of my pregnancies (185 the first and 203 the second) and nobody gave me any crap for my weight and no doctor ever told me I could only gain x amount. I gained a pretty normal amount both times and both times was at pre-pg weight at six weeks post. Both were c-sec unrelated to my weight and both very healthy. Screw her! You need to enjoy this pregnancy and not stress about that kind of negativity.

Btw, I'm pretty close to your current weight now and I feel downright skinny!
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First of all, congratulations!

Secondly, don't let them get you down. I started my pregnancy at 5'2" and 170 lbs, then gained up to 212 lbs by the end. Should I have gained 40 pounds? Well, probably not. But I talked to my doctor about it, and he advised me that as long as I wasn't experiencing any health problems because of it my weight was fine. All check ups indicated that baby was healthy, although I ended up with a c-section (cephalo-pelvic disproportion, nothing to do with weight). He did warn me that the more I put on the more I'd have to take off, but I was able to do so relatively quickly afterwards.

Good luck! And next time your insurance company gives you advice on what you should be doing, ask the person on the line where they got their medical degree.
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And I'll add in my voice to ignore the scolding. I started this pregnancy at 165 lbs and 5' 2'', and my midwives were perfectly fine with my weight. Actually they were happy with it because I had dropped 20 lbs from my last pregnancy. It's not like you are 100+ lbs overweight here.

Just try to concentrate on eating what you know is healthy most of the time and keeping the treats to a minimum. You can always work on losing any extra weight after you have your baby. Your doctor will monitor your health and let you know if you should have any concerns.
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Congrats on being pregnant! I am also 9 weeks preggers! You are defiantely not in this alone. The biggest thing is to seriously just do what your DR says. Ignore everyone else. Unless they have a doctorate in medicine, they don't know squat.
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