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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Smile Just putting this out in the universe!

I have officially found my motivation to lose weight!
I want another baby!


I don't want another all time high in terms of weight, so I need to get my weight under serious control before I start trying to conceive.
Realistically I'm looking at November 2013 to be at a healthy weight and ttc.

Who's with me????
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Motivated and right there with you! (except for the baby part)
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I keep telling myself the same thing, I'm getting in shape and losing weight so I can have another baby! But I keep sabotaging myself and I've been stuck in the same place for months. Maybe keeping in touch with someone else who wants what I want can help me get through this. I have 40 pounds to go.
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I agree with Valentine!

Good luck and I hope all your dreams come true Mozzy.
You can do it
(by the way I can't figure out how to find other users on myfitnesspal so sorry I haven't added you)

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I'm in! overweight + pregnancy weight gain = a long road taking the weight off post partum, so I want to start a family when my body is healthy and fit!
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I started losing weight because I want a baby and we'd like to start TTC in November 2013 too!
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I'm not in for the baby part, but I definitely want to be fit and healthy!
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Pregnancy does not = an automatic weight gain. My wife, who used to be about 225 lbs., actually lost weight during each of her pregnancies. Because she got gestational diabetes with the pregnancies, she had to follow a diabetic diet. The babies were fine and grew at a normal rate. But because she was eating a very healthy diet, her fat loss was greater than the weight gain from the pregnancy.
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I think it's an awesome goal! When I got pg with #1, I had probably 10# I *should* lose to be at a good weight. I was about 135/140# and I'm 5'3". Got pg, and the day I delivered I was 195#. I kind of lost weight after and the lowest I remember hitting is about 160#. I then started packing weight on.... I was 192# when I got pg with #2. I only gained about 15-20# with that one, because I lost 20# in the beginning from extreme nausea. At the end I think I was around 212-215#. After his birth, we were on a strict no dairy/no gluten diet because my then-toddler had allergy issues. The weight slid off! I felt so sexy at 140#. But I was "forced" to eat an altered diet, which meant that when I could eat other bad foods, as soon as we re-incorporated them, I did. A lot. I got to 170# by the time I got pg with #3. Reached about 210-212# with his pg. After delivery, I only went down to the 170's#. By the time I got pg with #4, I was 180#. Reached 215# at the end. Today (he's turning 4 months old in 3 days), I weigh 182#.

So....long story short, I wish I had done what you're doing. I wish I had taken the time to lose the weight before each pg. And to maintain. This last pg was ****, and I believe it was a combo of the fact that we have big babies (no GD though) along with my extra weight. We just today scheduled the appt for a vasectomy, though, so we won't be ttc anymore () but I just wanted to give you huge props for setting this goal!! I'm nursing and we nurse into toddler-hood, so I'm trying to gently do this weight loss without hurting my supply.
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