Due early to mid September, trying to limit gain but need some accountablity...

  • I was very commited to 3FC and my weightloss plans last summer, then excuses came along and before I knew it it was winter and I had gotten pregnant with my second child. My goal had been to lose the last 17 pounds that had held firm since having my first child. With my first I lost about 10 pounds in the first trimester due to lack of appetite and then slowly gained 11 pounds until about week 27, then I was hospitalized for pre-term labor and I had to stay there for 5 weeks, with a menu of mostly grill items (burgers, pancakes, fries...) or pastas... Pair that with some heavy duty drugs to stop my uterus from ejecting my son and well, By the time I had him I had gained an additional 36 pounds. Yes, all in 10 weeks of laying down and not moving. A lot of it was severe swelling (pre-E) but, Yikes!

    I have been instructed by my OB that, due to my obese status, 11 pounds is a safe gain for me to shoot for. I am at 22 weeks and have gained 5. I don't want to lose but I am hoping to try very hard to stick with that goal. I have removed all the nasty processed foods from the pantry, we've been eating lighter, cleaner meals... I just need some other preggos to be with me on this journey.

    I am currently 202lbs (5'6ish'') and hope not to exceed 206, which means I've really got to slow down.

    Anyone have any tricks or tips to not gaining while preggers... I can't do much more than walk for excersise due to my risk for preterm labor...

    *Also, my son was born naturally at 37 weeks and I am likely to deliver this one at or around the same time due to a uterine abnormality. So I shouldn't have to worry about those last few weeks.
  • Hi! I'm due Halloween. I don't have the same complications as you (HUGS) but had a previous dystocia delivery so excess weight gain is important for me too.

    For me, the hardest part is trying to distinguish what baby needs and what mommy wants (baby doesn't "need" sugar pie, LOL). I'm 17 weeks so make sure to really be on the ball about better choices, trying to remember what happened last time.
  • Check in...even if it's just two of us I guess:)
    This morning I weighed in at 202, the same as last week. We ate at a brunch buffet yesterday but other than that have been eating very cleanly. I think that I can cut down on some of the calories at dinner and move them to a snack at a different part of the day to try and stay satiated throughout the day. I tend to eat 2 boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of one. I think I could also stop making or even eating the cheesy bread. My husband weighed this morning and asked me to stop making it. He said he's up to 195 and has gained 10 pounds this pregnancy.

    Anyway, I hope you had a great weekend Sacha, and I'd love to be accountable even if it's just us two.
  • Haha! My husband gained 40lbs with our first child as well (same as me). He hasn't lost it yet though, but he's decided to start working on it

    Glad to hear your gain is steady, no news is good news in your case I am slowly gaining but I was not overweight to begin with, I am a maintainer who lost my weight in 2004.

    Let's get through the week on track!