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195. A month ago before my c section I was around 225lbs!
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I would like to join this thread too!
I have 5 children.
I am nursing my youngest who is currently 8 months old (Yes! 8 months of nursing!! I have never gone past 6 weeks!!!)
Nursing is going so good, BUT, I am sick of the weight. I gained so-much-weight with this pregnancy

My pre-pregnancy weight: 122 pounds
Current weight: 154 pounds

I have no clothes to wear for summer

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Hi there
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My nursling is 2.5 months old.

I nursed my older daughter for 15 months... she was always SO little that I used nursing as an excuse to not do anything about my weight. I really was worried about my milk supply, so I put myself on hold.

My baby boy is really big and gaining great... so it's time to get these pounds off of me. I'm currently shooting for ~1700 calories and trying to keep an eye on him to make sure he continues to stay satisfied.

Anyone see a dip in supply when cutting calories? How did you manage it? Nursing for the first year is extremely important to me.
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It really depends. I have always had oversupply so even at 1800 calories, there was still too much milk! I know it is drilled into our heads that you will lose your supply if you "diet" but I don't think that is true for everyone.

Still nursing strong at 6 months but I have since hit goal. Hooray! Started solids 2 weeks ago, ick
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Sunnymathchick -- nursing for the first year is also extremely important for me. I used that as an excuse with my first daughter as an excuse not to work out or diet. I actually nursed her for over 2 years (I thought she would wean herself, but she had different plans!)

With my 2nd daughter (now 6 months), I started exercising and dieting about 1 1/2 months ago. I eat 1600 a day (on average), and workout daily (usually running 30 min). I'm losing about 4 pounds a week, but I'm sure that will go down as I get smaller. So far milk supply has remained good. Everyone is different though, so I would suggest fenugreek. I use the Mother's Milk tea once in a while. and that stuff is crazy amazing. One cup and suddenly my bra is completely soaked through. I don't use it everyday because it makes my milk supply way overactive. I'm through the phase of having to wear pads all the time, lol.
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