Determined to know. . . .

  • Hello, everyone, I hope you all are having a great day.

    I have read ALL the posts from this forum, and I am sooooooo mad. I have learned things from you ladies that none of my doctors ever told me.

    The OB/GYN I have seen since puberty told me at age 20 I had PCOS, but he never did any blood tests or even an ultrasound to look at my ovaries. I have some of the symptoms, not all, and some not very bad. Since then I have seen 3 OB's and my primary care physician. He looked at me like I was crazy. I am going to threaten to write all over his office walls with a permanent marker if he doesn't give me a referral to an endocrinologist IMMEDIATELY!

    Thank you so much for being there for those people who don't know very much about this, and helping to educate us. Whether I have PCOS or not, I want to know how all of you are doing. I will get back to you on my findings.

    It's sad that we have to fight and demand proper service from our HEALTH CARE PHYSICIANS! It really shouldn't be that way. Please do persist in getting that referral to an endocrinologist. Call around and find out which one is most familiar with PCOS and use him/her even if it's a further drive.

    Check out the information on the front page of the site. Jennifer has included tons of information and links to information there. It's so important for us to be informed so we can make sure we're taking proper care of ourselves and also to make sure our doctors are giving us the best treatment!

    Looking forward to hearing more good news from you!
  • Hi Sherrie--
    It's sad but true- you really do have to fight to get your dr to listen. Most dr's have NO idea what pcos is. A good way to "doctor shop" is to interview them b4 you start treatment with them. you can start off by asking them if they even know what pcos is? ask them if they know what insulin resistance is & how to treat it. ask them if they are just going to yell at you for your weight problem or are the serious about treating the underlying symptoms. you can find out very fast about a dr just by making yourself informed. my endrocrinologist recently retired & i was devastated because now i have to go "doctor shopping" again. i have been looking for the past month & i think i have found one that i can live with. he was pretty knowledgeable but did admit that i knew more about pcos than he did. i liked his frankness. this dr also mentioned to me that pcos patients usually have subhypothyroidism. is anyone famaliar with that? i have been researching it & it seems that you can have normal thyroid lab values but your thyroid still does not work properly. so you will still exhibit the same symptoms of someone with hypothyroidism. interesting. anyway--keep me posted on your dr search.
  • pcos since lc

    I have been on LC for about 7 weeks with two periods in that time. I feel great have not had many symptoms since being on w carb. I feel fantastic. I did not need to take time off work to get me through the worst of it. I just did not happen at all. I did not take any drugs in which my doctor prescribed me. The only thing that I still get is my facial hair under my chin but not as much as it used to be with eating carbohydrates.

    I have also lost 13 kgs in 7 weeks.

    Three sizes in trousers and one in bust size. What a shame it was not a bit more.

    I would love to hear what others are experiencing with PCOS and diet.