PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support Support for us with any of the following: Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or other endocrine disorders.

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Smile Interesting Info.....

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago - but my gyno only said it, and told me to watch carbs! No medicines, tests, etc. I always knew I had cysts in my ovaries (from yearly doctor visits) and I have only been pregnant once (I'm 40) - and the periods have always been irregular.... I have the hair on the face (I've had laser - it didn't last and cost $1500 - I still shave daily) - and alot of hair on my arms.

Interesting - my gyno has retired and I'll be starting with a new doctor. I'm going to talk to him at length about some of what I've read here. I have struggled with weight my whole life - lose, gain, lose... but lately its been more gain and the losing has become more difficult.

Thank you - you wonderful ladies!
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Hope it goes well with your new gyno LinenLady June! I'd love to know how it goes!
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I haven't read the book or heard of it, but I don't actually have PCOS either. If I do, its an extremely severe case that hasn't responded well to most of the traditional medications. In any case, I've changed my life-style. Bascially my biggest change was adding a whole lot more exercise and giving up regular soda. The latter has become much easier with Splenda and finding soda that doesn't have nutra-sweet in it.

I do balance what I eat, but mostly I watch calories and fat. I do buy a lot of low-carb products, and don't eat very many white things anymore. I even buy whole-wheat macaroni for macaroni and cheese! Which is made with no-fat/low-fat margarine and the Carb Countdown milk! Try figuring out THAT calorie count!
But, I've already given up so much because in addiiton to the hormones that don't cooperate when you have PCOS, I also have digestive issues. So I can't eat chicken, and chicken or chicken products are in EVERYTHING!!!! I'm getting used to it at this point, but I refuse to give up everything. I'd already been buying things like frozen yogurt, but now my favorite ice cream company uses Splenda in their sugar free products, so I buy that too.
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Lyonness, the Insulin Resistant Diet has been out quite a while, but I think it got overshadowed by more commercial names. I looked into it, Sugar Busters, and The Glucose Revolution and I went with Sugar Busters (then later to low carb). They all work on basically the same principle, so if you have questions, maybe I can help.
You are very true about a lifestyle change. I think a lot of people don't realize that it lasts forever, not just for weight loss! Slightly more relaxed, but still at it!
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Mouse, I remember reading something years ago that you might find interesting. It was in some magazine like National Geographic. They were studying women in a country undergoing food restriction. These women were eating 1500 calories, walking miles each day to get water, and were PREGNANT. They apparently were having normal babies too. So I think that these doctors don't know as much as they think they do about what women's bodies evolved to be able to do with food. I suspect that people with insulin resistance evolved in some of these harsh environments, too - there are theories about that - the "thrifty gene" hypotheses. We might be better off in a famine than these people who burn everything off effortlessly. Unfortunately we can't change our evolution, and our current environment is VERY different.

One other thing - I read that swimming isn't as good for weight loss as some exercises - something about the chilly water, maybe it slows down the metabolism or something. Maybe using Google would find something on that. It is good for overall fitness though.
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I'd be interested in knowing where you read that, because swimming is one of the best exercises there is. I've never heard that it isn't good for weight loss. And honestly, it doesn't matter: swimming is the ONLY exercise I can do. I have nerve damage in my ankle and it hurts to ride a stationary bike (unless it has been specially adapted: the PT's office had one, my gym has a similar bike but not close enough), I fall off of treadmills, and I can't walk with any speed... forget running, elliptical or ski machines.
I lift weights, but there is only one machine I can use with my legs. Everything else I do is upper body.
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OK, girls, time to start a new thread for the month of October!! I'm closing this one, but here is a link to the new one. Come post!! YAY!!

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