PCOS Support Thread for Nov 2019

  • Alright. I'm back. And even if I'm talking to myself, I need accountability so here I go again.

    Welcome to November 2019!

    Check in and let us know how you are!

    Here is the old thread.

    For the round up this month check in at least once. ( As many times as you want after that.)
    • How are you?
    • How's the PCOS?
    • What are you working on now as goals?
    • How successful were you for past season on your goals?

    I am fair. Kinda bummed out with the elder care but determined to not let that side of my life keep sucking me dry. You always hear about the caregivers burning out and I don't want that. Been neglecting my own stuff for FAR too long.

    The PCOS? Is weird. Never had a regular period in my whole life. Now I'm perimenopausal the weird continues and docs can't really explain or help me. STILL. Sigh.

    I needed a reboot so I'm taking a diabetes class at the hospital to help me plan and get my blood sugar together. (My type is PCOS/IR.)

    My current goal is to check my blood sugar each morning and do a 15 min workout 3x a week for the next 2 weeks before the next diabetes class. The first class was overview, what diabetes is, how insulin works, etc.

    I was NOT successful in the past season. I dropped out of so many things including this board for YEARS dealing with the Alzheimer weirdness. I know I just need to take better care of myself. So here I am. Showing up to be accountable.

    • Today I set up my pillbox.
    • I started my food log using a Healthminder book.
    • I did the 1 Mile Happy Walk on YouTube that the diabetes class suggested as a starting point. It was ok but MAN. I am out of shape!