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I've been struggling with PCOS/weight loss related issues for about 12 years now but have recently been seeing progress with a (relatively) low carb diet.
I decided that doing >20g carbs a day won't sustain so I customized my diet. I've eliminated a lot of foods that I previously ate, but have kept some. I say relatively low because I'm not extremely strict. Earlier when I was, I was always stressed about what I ate and it was bad. But now I'm a little more easy going but consciously make smaller choices for lower carb options.

Lets keep this thread going!!

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Annie - Indiana
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I am 6 mos on strickly KETO. I love it. Down 28 lbs and from a size 14 to an 8 or 10 depending on item. I lost most the weight the first 3 to 4 mos. I have only 7 to do which is why I believe it has slowed down. I am good with that. I don't have PCOS or Insulin Resistance but all of my numbers have come down to a great place. My AC! was 5.9, which my doc did not address, she said not bad enough. Since KETO it has dropped to 5.1. Yeah. All other numbers are perfect which some were not prior to KETO. Good Luck.
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Persevere! You can!
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I just passed my 2 year keto-versary. Can safely say that keto has completely changed and transformed my life. I've lost over 50lbs, am fit and healthy now with ideal bloodwork, looked amazing in my wedding dress and got fit enough to start my dream job (I start in 6 weeks time). Keto is sustainable, healthy and really delicious. Please please please look into keto. If you're looking for a sign, this is it. You need to put in 100% to see results but the results are incredible.
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It's mine for the taking
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Just started keto this week -- I've lost 5.8 lbs so far. I'm really interested in hearing about others' experiences. I'm trying to get my macros right and I really want to hear more about what worked and what didn't for everyone else.
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Smile Ketogenic Diet for Metabolic Syndrome

I have been diagnosed since 1990 but doctors were new to the field and did not know how to treat me. Since then, I have had numerous misdiagnoses for my symptoms. Finally my family doctor told me what to do to cure the syndrome. Change my eating habits and DO NOT EAT the USDA guidelines. My other doctors and even my previous endocrinologists had told me to eat more grains, more fiber, less fat, use artificial sweeteners, etc. Meanwhile, I was getting fatter, getting sicker, had to have a hysterectomy (had one child in 1992), and tons of drugs prescribed.
Two years ago I decided to eat paleo (based doc and new endo advice) and lost about 35lbs and many symptoms lessened. Doc and endo suggested I try Ketogenics. Hubby decided to try with me and he lost 35lbs this summer and I dropped an additional 10. I still need to drop about 30 more and he could drop about 20 more but what we found was the food sensitivities were hidden by out other issues. His snoring nearly disappeared until he added dairy back. Our aches and pains disappeared until we added grains and sugar back.
So, we are eliminating them from our day-to-day diet. We follow Maria Emmerich and her Keto-Adapted site. The cleanse was not awful (amazing)!

Macros are the way to go, and since I am full metobolic syndrome I keep my total carbs between 10-20 and I upped my protein to be a bit higher than usual for keto. I am going to my new endo in January and am hoping to have the 30 off, and can be told not more meds. My goal is health and lack of meds.

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Welcome to 3FatChicks and relating your success with Keto. Perhaps you might also be interested in posting in our Carb Counters section.

Good luck to you for continued success.
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