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Started 4th of July
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Hi Everyone,
I should have kept checking this thread. Let's keep posting it is inspiring to hear peoples health and diet progress.

I've been feeling great with keto, but I need to lower my calories to see quicker weight loss. I've been having to much PB, nuts and cheese. But I still feel good. That is a great improvement in my life. I will be going to check in with my doctor soon and hope to see progress in the blood work. My cravings for foods off plan are practically non existent at this time, so reducing calories shouldn't be that hard. It's just the habit of eating wrong that is still causing me some trouble. For instance, I think to myself,,,,shouldn't I be eating more?
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Default Keto Newbie

Hey all! I've started looking into Keto for myself, and was wondering what websites/books you looked at to get started and determine the correct course for yourself? I follow a few girls on Insta who are currently using Keto to lose weight and combat PCOS symptoms and their success with the diet has been inspiring. And it seems like something I'd like to try. I've tried WeightWaters, and am currently using Beachbody workouts - but neither have been all that helpful.

Any guidance you could provide is much appreciated!
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Originally Posted by findingthehappy View Post
Hey all! I've started looking into Keto for myself, and was wondering what websites/books you looked at to get started and determine the correct course for yourself? I follow a few girls on Insta who are currently using Keto to lose weight and combat PCOS symptoms and their success with the diet has been inspiring. And it seems like something I'd like to try. I've tried WeightWaters, and am currently using Beachbody workouts - but neither have been all that helpful.

Any guidance you could provide is much appreciated!
i dont have any info but I am looking into it as well and would love to hear from everyone ...i am planning to start monday
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Default 2 weeks into Keto

Originally Posted by kmstacy View Post
i dont have any info but I am looking into it as well and would love to hear from everyone ...i am planning to start monday
Hi folks, just stumbled on this thread. I have PCOS too and my body could not manage what metformin was doing to it, so I decided to try the keto diet.

I had been working out religiously for 4 months and while my measurements went down, my weight stayed stubborn. On the keto diet I lost 2.5 kgs in a week! (water weight I guess, but woop woop!)

It's working out great so far, only 2 weeks in, but I'm definitely in for the long count.

For those looking to start keto, a really great resource is r/keto. Another great tool I used to personalise my macros was keto-calculator.ankerl.com
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A good book is Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore. Tons of great info on the health benefits of keto while also debunking a bunch of health myths. He runs a website called livinlavidalowcarb.com and another interesting website is thepcosbattle.com it looks to be a website to try and help women with pcos lose weight with a ketogenic diet.
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Does anyone do Keto without dairy? I am trying to stick to Paleo, but lower my carb count. I did Keto with dairy and lost quite a bit in the beginning, but had serious heartburn, and when I took that much dairy out like all the cheeses, and bread made with cheese, it stopped.

I know of coconut oil and butter does not seem to bother me so much, but any suggestions?
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Hello, one and all!!

Iím 43, 5'3", diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 15 and I've always been active. I've been in the gym since I was 12 (I was a porkchop immediately out of infancy, according to pictures) From the age of 13, I walked to work (it was the 80s. Kids could work), school, the gym and anywhere else I needed to go, yet I was never thin and was always called fat and lazy. One endocrinologist actually told me to JUST CLOSE MY MOUTH!

In my very early 20s, I studied martial arts for 2 years (pre-babies), 6 days a week, 3.5 a day. Didn't lose a pound or an inch. My BFF was a personal trainer. She had me on a calorie restrictive, soy, vegan mess of an eating plan which I despised! I'm a carnivore, for the love of prime rib! And she took me running for about a year. Didn't lose a pound or an inch. Is the pattern emerging yet? The definition of insanity comes to mind.

FF to my mid 20s. I miraculously conceived my first child at 26, after repeatedly being told it would NEVER happen. And although I watched what I ate, I gained a good 40 pounds with that pregnancy.

At my wit's end and heavier than I'd ever been, I invested in my Bowflex Power Pro, picked up Suzanne Somers first 2 weight loss books and pretty rapidly lost those 40 pounds by properly food combining and I was hardcore. I stalled at 40 lbs but kept up the lifestyle change in hopes of finally being thin and I felt amazing! I still wasn't thin, but I got down to around 170 and with a lean body weight of 154 after 2 decades of strength training, I looked more like 140.

Then, my second child, whom I was never supposed to be able to conceive due to only one functioning ovary, rebelliously entered my life (screw Western medicine and the ďdoctorsĒ it rode in on). My ovaries were suddenly no longer covered with cysts! Amazing!!
Working nights and an unsupportive, now ex-husband made it impossible to take care of my babies and continue Somersizing. So, the years went by. Divorce, accompanied with complete devastation and loss of appetite (I'm the polar opposite of a stress eater) led to a rollercoaster of weight loss (Under 500 calories a dayÖso not healthy), emotions and wondering which of my stored clothes fit me.

FatÖI mean fast forward to 2015. Suddenly, all of my wisdom teeth need to be extracted. At 43 years old. Long story short, I had a long, tough, miserable recovery. Dry socket, Trismus and mandibular paresthesia that now, more than 4.5 months later still hasnít resolved. 6 weeks on the couch, unable to open my mouth more than a cm, therefore only able to eat mashed potatoes, puddings, scrambled eggs, custard, yogurt, hummus, etc.

I was barely eating, steadily gaining weight , on pain pills from the surgery and anxiety pills and probiotic pills, feeling like absolute crap, anxiety through the roof and then these rashes started showing up!! A belly rash was first, then it traveled to my side boob and the doctors just wanted to medicate me even more!! I lost my freaking mind!! I was taking back my life RIGHT then and there.

On August 21st, 2015, I cut out all grains, sugar, dairy, seeds, legumes and fruit for 30 days to detox. I started buying ghee instead of butter and started using my coconut oil more. By day 2, my anxiety vanished! I'm shocked and thrilled!

I start reading all about Paleo and kinda merged it with Somersizing. I was programmed to be afraid of bad combo foods, like nuts and avocados, so I only ate veggies and animal protein and I didnít...lose...a...pound.

OkayÖ30-day detox done. Letís add back in a little cheese and get back on the Bowflex 3 times a week. Only 3! Donít overdue it, like last time. Maybe some oatmeal on workout days. Yeah, the oatmeal lasted a week. It didn't change how I felt, so I figure I didn't need the added insulin and kicked oatmeal back to the curb. I'm also walking up and down hill about 20 minutes every weekday. Gotta watch your cardio with PCOS. It can ****** the fat-burning process through your adrenaline and its BOOOOOORIIIIIING. Years upon years of hours upon hours of cardio with NO results has proven that to me

But wait! Whaaaat?? Too much protein can spike insulin?!?!? Iím not getting enough healthy fat?? HEALTHY fat, you say? Ok. Enter more coconut oil, uncured bacon with my eggs and let's try 1-2 ozs of macadamia nuts each day. Paleo YES, Somersizing no-no. Donít care. My 43 yr old body doesnít respond to food combining like it used to and macadamias are SUPER low on the GI and have a plethora of fiber, nutrients and the bestest, healthiest fat for your body and brain. In moderation, macadamias are my best friend.
Now, I refuse to get on the scale because it puts me in such a negative mindset if the number doesnít go down, like it did 15 years ago when I was losing a pound a day for weeks on end! The scale is the devil! Stay away from it! Judge by how you feel and how your clothes fit.

Speaking of which...even with all my *****ing about not losing a pound, lo and behold! My clothes are getting loose, Iím getting little dents on either side of my belly button where I assume fat used to reside and my horrible anxiety, which has PLAGUED me since 11/2012, when a 20-yr old kid ran a red light and turned my life completely upside down, is GONE!! Gone, I tell you! Since day 2 with no sugars and grains, my anxiety is gone. No more sugar, no more grains, no more meds.

Oh yeah, Iíve been in ketosis now for a few weeks (75 fat /25 pro/5 carb...thanks fitday.com!) and although itís painfully slow, the inches are creeping off and I feel fantastic!! . I get tired if I donít get enough fat and calories for the day, which is tough with no appetite, which happens in ketosis, but Iíll pop a handful of macadamias or a couple of string cheese sticks and Iím good to go. Iím permanently l injured from the accident and the pain takes a lot outta me, too.
Best of luck to all of my PCOS sisters!! Donít give up! Iíve made this my permanent lifestyle and I hope you all find success in whichever route best suits you!!

"We are the music makers...and we are the dreamers of dreams"
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I know this link is older BUT I had to put my two cents in... I have PCOS, and have since puberty- of course worsening with weight gain over the yrs. I have tried it all...IP has worked so well for me (so far) it costs a lot and my biggest complaint is high soy content and sucralose in my sweets- but in 6 weeks I've lost 30lbs! I feel energetic, I walked 2 km's the other day!!
My period is back full force and has been very irregular for over a decade. It comes every 28-32 days now. I rly believe for those of you struggling with fertility this is your best best to shed lbs and become a momma. I got pregnant on clomid 8 yrs ago and had a sweet little boy, but I wish I had of know about this! (clomid had crazy side effects for me - but worth it)

I wish you ladies the best of luck- baby dust to all!
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Hi!! Crysogo.... what is IP? could you explain?

How's everyone else doing on this Keto diet? I'm going to have to Google it since I see many had amazing results

I've got PCO's and IR, and now maybe sublicinical Hypothyroidism.
I'm treating myself with a homeopath but she inssists I consume animal protein.
I was a "Flexitarian" for 2 years almost and didn't get too much weight down but I'm not FAT FAT.
The bad is that I didn't get my period for half a year and so I got on the pill for a month to have it "induced". I will continue for 6 months with my homeopath and I'm definitely reading into the Keto diet.

Thanks girls!!!
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I have dieted all my life and I guess I will till I die! I thought by now I would have learned how to be thin nautrally. Well I guess (am pretty sure) my skinny friends simply don't eat the way I do! Stress eating, boredom as well as recreational eating is a cruch that I have to stop relying on.
Anyway I thought about optifast and medifast etc but I really like chewing. I have used low carb diets in the past and have been successful. I eventually convince myself that you simply cant live without bread. (I come from an Italian family and my fondest memories involve bread and food in general). I have was thin, now I have about 50 lbs to lose. I know what I have to do. I have started reading books about low carb life and many of the people that believe in it are a lot smarter than me! They say wheat is really not as good as we have been told so I may as well believe in it. I know a lot of doctors that use ketosis to help their patients lose weight.
I know that the ketogenic controls seizures which is pretty incredible. As for medications, my list is as long as your arm and some of them are pretty serious. Several really slow weight loss and cause fluid retention. A woman I talk to really believes in the low carb way of life. She used to work at a weight loss clinic and is really into self-defense exercises. I think she knows what she is talking about. Next time I see her I will be able to tell her that I am down 4lbs. at least, I dont want to set my goals too high!
All that is to say, High folks, I'm on this path with you
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Well this is an old thread i guess but i will chime in. I am doig a 30 day keto experiment because in the past i haveost slowly with calorie counting but always cravd sugar and bread..its hard to get far with a naging voice that says "sugar sugar sugar" So...when i noticed i was starting to get really bad menstraul cramps like someone with endo has..i thought hmm..and then there is this excess facial and body hair...yah abbout that..I have never been formally diagnosed with pcos and i do get regular periods usually..this month apparently is an exception to the rule for some reason??? I did some reading and concluded that its quite possible that my body is over producing testosterone due to insulin resistance..so...i decided to try a 30 day keto experiment..im almost 2 weeks in and i can say that my cravigs have completely dissapeared..my belly looks less bloated( i gain it all there) and weight loss from 239.8 down to 233.0 ..so..i would say my body likes this..

My rules for the keto experiment include- No frankenfoods, 20Net carbs a day but anything is allowed except gluten and wheat..i have an allergy to it.. and watch the calories to make sure im not overconsuming fats or proteins.
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Default Week 4 on Keto

I just wanted to share a bit. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 years ago, though I am pretty sure I've had it my whole adulthood since I've averaged about 2 periods a year and gained about 10lbs each year since 22. My husband and I just spent the last year of our lives seeing a fertility specialist and because we can't have invitro (army wont pay for it) we spent 1 year trying to get my body to ovulate and my testosterone to go down. My specialist was so concentrated on my overly high test (was 1100 which is in the range of a male) that he never tested me for insulin resistance.
SO, here I am trying to do my own part to combat my weight gain and infertility. When I started Jan 1, I was 181 lbs and I am 5'6" and 32 yo. I haven't lost much weight yet, I have been dropping about 1lb per week and I'm now at 178. The most exciting part of the whole thing is that I just started my period naturally. In the past 4 years I've only had a period when forced through medication (birth control or ovulation meds) so to have an unexpected period is quite exciting! I'm just hoping that I will actually see some weight loss here in the next 4 weeks.
My macros look like 120g protein/111 gram fat/ 25 net carbs
Has anyone else experienced a natural cycle change with keto?
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hubby and I are hardcore keto and it's great. I'm getting my period almost every 28 days now, when for the last 15 years it only came once a year!! Keto definitely helps, and dare I say, seems to cure PCOS.
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So far the low carb/keto diet has helped me a lot with weight loss.
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Kristie Sullivan is on Facebook under Low carb journey, cooking Keto with Krisite. She has a new cookbook on Amazon, too. She has a lot of youtube videos that are helpful. cooking keto with kristie - YouTube

Another website is Ditch The Carbs | Low Carb Real Food, Real Easy. You'll have to google it b/c they won't let me post the link until I have 25 posts.
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