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Default Surprise TOM!

So the metformin, diet & exercise must be working because this morning surprise TOM.

I haven't had it in almost a year. So yeah surprise.

I have been cramping like **** the last few days but sometimes I do that. But this morning omg I was going to die. It is always very painful when I do. I took a midol and it seemed to help.

Totally caught me off guard was not prepared product wise lol I went to the store and stocked up buying a bunch of different stuff lol. Then in line checking out a little boy in front of me asked why I was buying diapers, do I have a kid? lmao I didn't know what to say. I just laughed, it was too cute. His mom almost died of embarrassment though!

Anyways I was just kindof excited that things may be working, even though I am in pain and this is so not fun I am happy about it. And wanted to share it with my PCOS sisters who would understand!
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We, who have PCOS, have to remember weight loss and exercise isn't only about losing weight, but getting healthier! Congrats on the healthy habits, the weight loss AND the period!
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Congratulations!! All of your hard work is paying off! I'm so happy for you as I know that feeling. I almost started to sob when I got my very first positive opk test a few weeks ago.

I actually just started metformin today for the first time. I'm hopeful it's going to help my cycles.
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WTG! Hormones moving toward better balance!

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Congrats, Moonkissed! I'm interested to learn if you have begun to experience a regularly timed TOM now? I also wonder if you find each one as painful.

After decades of strange cycles, I have learned that with the PCOS it wasn't just going for long periods without TOM - every once in a while it would be extremely painful and i would feel bloaty and awful. More often than not if TOM happened, it was very mild in the pain/bloating/hormone department.

For me, this is how I know which cycle I had actually ovulated. Not only do I go without TOM for extended periods, but even if TOM happens, if it is mild then I know I haven't ovulated, if it is painful and very heavy, i did ovulate.

I am curious if this is also something others have found.
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