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Default midway to goals and in some pain :-(

Hi everyone...i have posted here a few times before and have always recieved alot of help and information. so since December i have lost 40 plus lbs which i am SUPER proud of myself for doing! with the weight loss comes hormone regulation and period balancing...however i have been having intense cramping around my time of the month but no actual period. i am worried it might be endometriosis or something. i have been getting this pain for the last 2 months. this pain is frontal and not near my ovaries so i am thinking it is uterine pain. Has anyone been in this situation? Did u fund out what it was? i have a Dr appt this week so i plan to ask her. thanks everyone.
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Hang in there -- I've had pain during ovulation, menses (but not menses arrives) and then the POP! of a cyst.

I hope you can figure out with your doc what's going on in you.

I know it's nervy. Do your best til then with a heat pad. Sometimes cobra pose helps me.

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