Birth Control

  • Hello. I was diagnosed with PCOS, I have had cervical cancer, and an ectopic pregnancy and have very irregular menstruation cycles. I was told by a doctor that birth control will help with a lot of the PCOS symptoms and irregular cycles. I cannot take the pill because it causes me headaches and I am not good at taking a pill every day at the same time. I have an appointment tomorrow to get Nexplanon but read that it can cause weight gain. I do not smoke so we concluded that this would be the next best thing to the pill for me. I just cannot stand to think that I will gain more weight from something that will help me with pain I have been living with for the last several years. Anyone have any experience with this form of birth control?
  • No, not that particular one. I don't know if anything here could help you in your "method shopping choices" or not. It was interesting to me when I first found it.

    I also remember I had to go through several before figuring out I just can't deal in a triphasic pill version.

    Hopefully it will be a "good match" for your body chemistry -- whichever BC method you go with and hopefully emerges as the best fit choice for you.

  • I've never taken that particular type (my doctor put me on Yaz, then switched me to Ocella, the more generic version), but I wouldn't concern yourself too much about weight gain because of it...any time you introduce something new (particularly something meant to alter your hormonal balances), your body is liable to freak out a little bit and do silly things because of it. So long as you keep to a healthy diet and exercise, I'm sure that things will level off after a period of adjustment, and you may even find it easier to lose weight because your levels are closer to the norm.

    In other words, don't worry too much about the number; worry about how you're feeling. There may be a transition period, but in the end the most important part is a healthier, less-pained you. Regardless of what you and your doctors decide, best of luck!
  • Just bear in mind that a lot of hormonal birth control also makes you more prone to developing insulin resistance, if you haven't developed it already.

    One of the reasons I stopped taking hormonal birth control is because of that and decided that I would manage my PCOS through diet and exercise.
  • Have not tried that particular birth control. However in my experience without diet and exercise, any birth control weight gain unusually levels out around 3 months after starting it. I've been on many different kinds to manage my PCOS since I was 16 and most everyone balances out. It is important to worry about getting everything on the same page and feeling good!