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Default Is it possible I have PCOS?

I was diagnosed by my doctor about two years ago as having PCOS. The diagnosis was based on me having a few of the classic symptoms, as well as elevated blood sugar levels. However, the blood sugar test was later "thrown out" of the equation because I misunderstood my doctor and didn't fast before getting my blood drawn. I also had an ultrasound of my ovaries done where only one possible cyst was found. The ultrasound tech told me at the time that the potential cyst might have been a result of my period (yes I had to do a vaginal ultrasound during my period.. awful!) and was actually just a temporarily swollen part of the ovary.

Because I didn't feel particularly comfortable with my doctor at the time and the diagnosis, in my opinion, was a little shaky I decided not to take the medicine my doctor prescribed (birth control & Metformin.)

My periods have lightened up and shortened a bit by themselves over the last year and a half or so. Other than that though, my symptoms have remained relatively stable. Last week I took a blood test for the first time in a few years and I just received the results and everything, blood sugar and HgbA1C included, were within the normal range. So far my doctor seems pretty insistent that I do have PCOS and has referred me to a specialist (unfortunately my appointment isn't until the middle of September) but I'm just confused. If I don't have the chemical indication of PCOS or actual visible cysts on my ovaries is it really still possible I have PCOS? I do have some of the symptoms .. I only get 4 periods a year and they last between 7-14 days usually (used to be up to 21 days) and they're really heavy sometimes. I have excess hair growth, darkened skin between my legs and under my arms (which should indicate insulin resistance I thought?) central weight gain and difficulty losing weight.

Of course I'm happy my results were all healthy and normal but I'm also a little frustrated because I don't understand why I seem to have many of the secondary symptoms of PCOS without having two of the major ones. My doctor also is considering putting me on Metformin still and I question whether that's really an appropriate course of action considering my blood sugar is in the normal range .. is it possible for my blood sugar to go too low on it?

Any thoughts/experiences appreciate.
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Personally, your symptoms sound a lot like mine! except for the 4 periods a year (hate you, mine are every 28 days to a T!) but anyways. Have you considered going to a different doctor? i was told by two doctors that i didnt have PCOS, and then went to a specialist and they did certain tests that proved i indeed am. Granted, your doctor could be totally wrong and diagnosing you with the wrong thing!
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Your post could have been written by me. My sugar and A1C are all within normal ranges, all other tests, ultrasounds included show all normal (no cysts on ovary), however I have many of the other classic symptoms of PCOS, especially lack of periods, along with an elevated testosterone level (which is a sign of PCOS). PCOS can have many different factors and each person is different. I've known women who have no outwardly physical signs of PCOS (such as hair growth or weight gain) but have cysts on their ovaries.
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