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Default PCOS Diagnosis

I have been around this site for a few months now and have recently been having a lot of heath problems.

I have known for some time that there was something more than weight gain going on with my body. Today my suspicions were confirmed when I was diagnosed with PCOS. Since the end of March I have had one period and gained weight. Since December I have gained 15lbs and I am now classified as overweight for my height.

The weight gain, missed periods, ongoing depression, increased anxiety, fatigue and feeling generally unwell were all enough to send me to the doctor. I had an ultra-sound in July and got the results today that I have PCOS. I am upset about it because I know it can affect fertility but I feel that is a bridge I should cross when I get to it. My boyfriend and I are not planning on having children for another 3-4 years so I have some time to hopefully get my body back on track.

I am currently looking for some support and tips to help me lose the extra weight I have put on I am hoping to lose at least 15lbs since I know this can significantly affect PCOS symptoms and help keep it under control. I am really hoping to lose a total of 35-40lbs in total and I am hoping 20 of those pounds are gone by December.

My previous weight loss attempts were motivated purely by vanity so I am hoping that being motivated by my health and future fertility is enough to make this the time it sticks.
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Lots of PCOS people have kids -- so as you say... worry about that bridge when you get to it.

Here's the nutrition suggestions if you like exchanges.


This is the best $20 I spent on a PCOS book --


YMMV, but you can preview a lot there.

And welcome!
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I'm happy that you were able to get your diagnosis pretty quickly from the time you started to gain weight to now! You can definitely work on just losing a little bit of weight, rather than a whole lost (and probably years of frustration to that!!).

I think you're in the right place, too, so stick around, read and learn more on PCOS.

Were you also tested for Insulin Resistance? And if you were, what were the results?

IR diagnosis will lead you to eating differently than someone who doesn't.

Were you prescribed any medication?

Exercise and eating healthy are really the only way to address the weight issue. You just have to figure out what "eating healthy" means for your body. Some people go vegan, others are low carb, others take on Weight Watchers, and stuff like that. You have to figure out what works for your body chemistry, since PCOS can manifest in so many different ways making one eating plan better than another.

I'm currently doing low carb, whole foods, almost vegetarian the majority of days of the week.
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