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Default Question: PCOS & Laser Hair Removal

Hey Ladies!

Quick question about Laser Hair Removal too anyone who has had it. Is it long term? I wanted to know if it was effective for someone with PCOS? I want to have it done but feel it would do me no good if the hair would come back despite treatment because I have PCOS. Any suggestions, advice or success to share? I would greatly appreciate it! TIA
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I don't have PCOS but I have very pale skin and dark hair and had 3 laser treatments. After a year it's like I never had them. Kind of a waste of money, in my opinion. The results were not permanent. Electrolysis is still the only permanent method of hair removal.
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Laser hair removal worked very well for me.. however, new hair follicles will develop unless you get your PCOS under control and make sure your testosterone levels are down.
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I have fairly light skin and black chin hair. Ive had 4 laser sessions on it, the first 3 over 3 months and then a top up a few weeks ago. It has reduced the number of hairs significantly, however with the PCOS hormones you just sprout new ones after a while and need to have further laser treatments to zap those follicles. My laser place was very up front about chances of success, with PCOS they aim for permenant hair reduction rather than removal. Its definitely done that, I worry a lot less about the hair that remains. The one downside though is I used to either wax or use cream to remove my facial hair, but with laser you can only shave the affected area for 4 weeks before treatment (and after, if you keep going). I really dont like shaving my face, makes me feel masculine and the hair grows back rough and blunt, plus I've been getting ingrowns which I never did when I waxed.
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I had it done about 6 years ago. Sadly, a lot of the hair has come back but I had 4 good years... It is a lot less than it was before I started though but going back to plucking makes me sad.
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