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Default Food ShoppingXD

My mother and I are going food shopping and I am kinda don't know what to get.

I need food for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and dinner.

Can anyone give me some food ideas?^^ Thanks
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What helped me at the start of my journey was to plan out my week and figure out what I wanted to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, I don't know what plan you're on, but based on that you can work out what you're going to eat for the next week.

Then, buy the foods you need, so you're never tempted to order out... AND you now have a handy plan for the rest of the week that you can you follow you have to think "less" about what you're doing.

For PCOS the best thing you can do is focus on eating healthy food, limit the processed food and refined carbohydrates, and link your protein with your complex carb.

Good luck!!!!!
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shop the perimeter of the store get greek yogurt, fruits, veggies, lots of salad, some bagel thins and sandwich thins (something thomas makes them so good) any bread should be whole grain. I eat lots of sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, grilled chicken, grilled fish. Be creative. I am the type of person I like to put things together as I go so I just get a bunch of stuff and see what I can come up with it later. Thats just my style though.
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My staple items include: Bagel thins (mentioned below), fiber one bars, raw apples or peaches, yoplait light yogurts, string cheese, and lean cuisines.
I am not sure what diet you are on and if any of these items fit but I hope it helps!
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Posting in this area, I assume that you are IR, diabetic, PCOS or similar.

For a diet plan like a chart go here:


Scroll to the middle and see the red links on the left column and pick your calorie level.

It's a bit higher on the carbs than I would do, but it is a starting point with no need for recipes or fancy cooking skills. I've used it before many times when starting out, when sick and my brain can't think, etc.

That will get you through 2 weeks.

Then you can research how to better fine tune for your needs.

What I like better now for a low-gi approach / I get sick / cannot think is Helen Foster


Used it is very afforadable. Bear in mind it is been issued several times so the covers change but the insides are the same. That is just one of the editions.

There's also her "fast fix" one but I don't use that much with my family. As a student I probably would have though.

PCOS Nutrition exchanges are here.

If you want the PCOS ebook with that meal plan you can preview at googlebooks


Or get the ebook here



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