PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support Support for us with any of the following: Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or other endocrine disorders.

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Default Naturopathic Support

Just wondering how many other lovely PCOS ladies out there have sought naturopathic support and how it has worked for you?

My mother works as a receptionist for a naturopath (also her lifelong friend, so i am very familiar with alternative therapies having sporadic visits to her most of my life) so I had a consultation with her this weekend while I was interstate visiting. I had previously been advised to take a few things and restrict my diet but this time she was able to muscle test me to find out exactly what I need. Muscle testing is a part of kinesiology I believe, its a little odd - almost seems like its some form of psychic healing but its pretty neat. Basically you grasp a bottle or vial of a certain remedy and the practitioner will attempt to move your arm while you resist their pressure. If your arm stays strong and upright clutching the remedy, your body wants it. If you arm drops easily under their pull down, you dont need it. I cant explain how or why, since I gave the same resistance each time but my arm would only stay up for a handful of items. So I have now been prescribed a few naturopathic remedies - GynoClear (made by Metagenics I think) which contains cinnamon and is meant to assist with heavy periods and eliminate clotting. Also Hepatic Detox (made by Advanced Medicine) which is a multivitamin with amino acids and minerals (and stinks to high heaven) and should cleanse my liver and pancreas, thus helping regulate blood sugar. I am also taking Cal4 which I think regulates essential mineral levels, and a Vegetable Enzyme Matrix which aids with digestion.
As my naturopath explained to me, the ovaries are located right in front of the bowel and the bowel walls are porous, so if your bowel is toxic and not eliminating properly it means your ovaries are resting in a toxic area. To this end, she also muscle tested me for foods my body cant tolerate. I am a vegetarian already, which is good because apparently all meat is out, but also my body indicated I cant properly digest dairy, sugar, vinegars, some oils, stone fruits and wheat. She said if I eliminate these things from my diet for a while, the excess weight I carry (about 88 pounds / 40kgs) will just drop away. I am willing to take the challenge and give it a shot. I will keep you updated on how it goes if anyone is interested!
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Lauren.... I'm absolutely interested in hearing how things go for you. I've never looked into any naturopathic remedies, but from what you said, it sounds very interesting. I'll be checking back to hear your progress!
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