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Originally Posted by SanityNow View Post
Hi susiederkins,

I was on ETL a while back and did great until I got lazy and/or got scared by my excellent progress.

I have a lot of good plant-based foods in the house...I think I'll have an ETL week.
Let's do it together!

It's really hard to be a hardcore ETL cause of the blandness. I don't need heavily salted meals but just a dash of shoyu or a sprinkling of salt.

How much weight did you lose with ETL?

Actually I'm in my 4th week and I haven't lost any since week 1. I admit a couple of meals haven't been ETL but the rest have been and you would think that would account for something!

Losing weight is so frustrating.
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Smile newly vegan and loving itt

this is my forth week on the vegan lifestyle and so far im loving my results, im seeying amazing changes in my body on the inside and out. Ive lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks and gained alot of muscle(ive been in the gym alot as well). I do feel myself getting a little shake when my blood sugar gets low but i snack on berries and fruit and its been doing the trick so far. Ive never has this much energy, and its a really nice change. Ive been trying to get pregnant with my husband for 2 years with no luck, heres to hoping being vegan changes that
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Purchased the Eat to live e- book, going to try it... Sending the e-book back to get the soft cover book..... I like what I saw and read so far.

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Originally Posted by Michelle125 View Post

So anyway, I've seen a lot of girls think they can't be vegetarian/vegan with PCOS. Just wanted to share my results so far. It can be done! I almost still can't believe it. Have to clean out my closet this weekend and toss almost everything in it. It just doesn't fit and looks ridiculously huge. And I can see the 160's in plain sight, and hopefully a normal cycle/reduced facial hair growth in the near future.
This is so encouraging to hear!

I started following a diet from the WomanCode book which emphasizes complex carbs and natural sugars. With some thyroid medication and that I've lost twenty pounds and I think my cycles are becoming more regular (need more time to tell)

But I've been really tempted to go vegan and I wasn't sure how that would mesh with eating to support my endocrine health! It's great to hear that you're doing it.
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I did Eat to Live three years ago and lost 45 pounds super easy. I fell off that diet because working around someone else in the kitchen became a nightmare for me. I filled up the fridge with foods for just me and there wasn't space for anyone else.

I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes so I am following more of a low carb diet with lots of veggies. I feel it is similar to ETL but keeping my fruits in moderation to prevent my blood sugars from spiking.

If you find a way of eating that works for you, stick with it.
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Update- I'm the original OP. I'm keto now, losing the weight for good, got my period back. My hair is thick and growing like weeds! Veggie/vegan was the worst thing I ever did to myself. <3 MEAT FOREVER <3
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That's great. Congratulations. I also found the same thing -- I went vegan, then vegetarian, and I was unhappy and overweight.

Going lower-carb, mix of protein and carbs and fats was the best thing I did healthwise.
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Hi! I'm new to the site ... well seems I enrolled before getting married and never posted anything until today

Michelle / Rana - could you give a sample meal day you guys follow?

I'm actually transitioning because of my PCO's (I went mostly vegetarian and didn't get my period for 5 months), TSH (thyroid hormone) is starting to increase so apparently I have sublicnical hypothyroidism AAAAND insulin resistance NICE right

I've been through many doctors, nutritionists, endocrinologists, gynecologists and now I'm trying a Natural approach (Homeopathic/Holistic) but they insist (all) that I MUST take my animal protein

Thanks !!!
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Personally, I don't think vegan/vegetarian works. Unless you really go vegan with a Paleo twist. A lot of vegetarians fill up on grains and that is not healthy for people who are IR.

I've found that giving up bread -- any and all wheat products, actually -- lowered my TSH levels and brought them back to normal. My mother has thyroid disease, so I am "susceptible" to it. I would recommend cutting that one out if you're still eating bread of any type.
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