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Sassy_Chick 04-01-2009 07:46 AM

PCOS WL + TTC Support for APRIL 09

Hello and Welcome All to the PCOS WL Support April 2009 Thread!



This thread is about PCOS and Weight Loss Support. If you have PCOS, or think you might, or know anybody that might have it, or your just curious or you just think we are totally awesome, so you just wanna chat with us, please join us! :grouphug:

Losing weight with PCOS is like trying to rollerskate up an icy hill. With all the wonderful lovely side effects, extra facial and body hair, skin tags, dark skin patches, weight gain, etc, etc, etc.........


PCOS Definition:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – A genetically-linked hormonal imbalance that prevents ovulation. PCOS also may cause overproduction of estrogen, abnormal thickening of the uterine lining, very heavy and/or irregular periods, as well as acne and facial hair. The latter are caused by an overproduction of male hormones, including testosterone. -- There are tons of info out there on the web, so if you want more info, just go to your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc) and type in PCOS. Another great site (besides this one of course for info is: Soul Cysters. Also here are a couple links for Forum Abbreviations: Basic Forum Abbreviations and the TTC/Infertility Abbreviations

So please come and join us, won't you? If you or someone you know has PCOS and you want support in WL and just general everyday support, please come and join us. You do not have to necessarily have to be TTC or not TTC. I am just getting back to TTC. So if you are or aren't is just fine, we are here for support. If you do not have PCOS and maybe are just curious about the disease, then feel free to join us as well. Everybody is Welcome!!


************************************************** ********

Wow A Another Month Gone......:fr:

What have I accomplished last month:
1) Made appt with a RE.
2) Lost another 1/2 pound! :carrot:
That is about all since we have just recently moved and all I haven't gotten much accomplished.

What I want to accomplish this month:
1) Going to my RE appt. TOMORROW (4/2)! :woohoo:
2)Work on getting pregnant
3) Lose more weight
4) Eat Better!!
5) EXERCISE!!!!!
6) Get our house UNPACKED!!

This isn't just about PCOS. It is about Life and wanting to get out there and LIVE IT. It doesn't matter if you have PCOS, Endometreosis, Diabetes, or just a bad hair day, :fr: we all want one thing: To Look AND most importantly: FEEL better. At least I do. If you feel the same way I do and are struggling with changing your bad ways and habits, then join me, won't you? :high:

Share your daily struggles, :woops: and/or your daily accomplishments!!! :strong:

Together, we can do this, I KNOW we can!!! :cheer2:

Everybody is :welcome:

Some come on in, get a cupa whatever :coffee2: and join us in a chat. :cofdate:

I also wanted to add a personal note here. I have come so far and this year is just the beginning of the new me yet to come! :D So if you are out there and struggling and think it will NEVER happen to you, it can! I am living proof! ;) I have struggled with my weight ALL my life and these last 10 years especially were tough. But I have FINALLY seen results and so I can say IT WORKS, so DON'T QUIT! I am not pregnant yet, but that is my next step!!! :preg: Also this is the most AWESOMEST group of people you will ever talk too! They are completely and totally WONDERFUL! :hug:

****PLEASE NOTE: I also wanted to add a link for a book that I think is very important for every woman to read, not just women experiencing Infertility Problems: Taking Charge of Your Fertility By: Toni Weschler, MPH. It is very very informative about our cycles, how to tell when you are ovulating, etc, etc. It is a great book to have! I know with the economy a lot of us are "tightening" our wallets, but I bought mine at half-priced bookstore for $6. Also there is the library. Just giving out suggestions because it is a good book to read! Also another book I am currently reading: "Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant Overcoming Infertility and Managing Your High Risk Pregnancy" By Diana Raab, B.S. R.N. Very good with LOADS of great info!!;)


Sassy_Chick 04-01-2009 08:13 AM


I hope this month is great for everybody!

My RE appt is tomorrow morning!


sws19 04-02-2009 09:39 AM

Good luck, Sassy Chick!

Ok. March was a total wash thanks to injuries that took me out of cardio and a ton of poor eating. This month I WILL lose weight, dammit!!

xraygirl 04-03-2009 07:04 PM

Sassy-how did your appt go?

Hope eveyone else is well. I've been doing okay. I started using Righsize smoothies in the morning to try to cut back my calorie intake. I'll let you know how is goes. It has been crazy around here. I'm about to loose my mind!!!! It seems like when the weather gets nice, the kids get crazy. My DH told me yesterday that I need to take a break and maybe get myself a hotel room and be by myself for a day and a night or so. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night, we haven't been out just us in a long time. Maybe that will help things.

Sassy_Chick 04-05-2009 10:50 PM


I went to my Infertility Dr. appt. on Thursday. He put me on Provera, which is going to start my period (yippee) and then I am to call when I start it so that they can see me on my 3rd day to do bloodwork, etc then if all looks well I get a shot to help me ovulate. (I have pcos, which causes me not to ovulate)

Also I was ticked because their scale was way off and I know its not my scale because my gyn. weighed me at the exact same as mine did when I went there for my annual exam. But anyways.............


Sassy_Chick 04-15-2009 11:25 PM

Hello All!!

How is everybody??? Been Super Quiet in here!!! Well my RE put me on a cycle of Provera, which started my AF, tomorrow will be day 3 and I have to go back in to my RE for a shot but he said he was give me Clomid?? I've taken Clomid before, several times actually and it was in pill form. I didn't know if there is a injection form of Clomid or is there an injection you take with Clomid?



Jennifer 3FC 04-16-2009 11:41 PM

Hi everybody! I've been sooooooooo busy lately - work has lasted pretty much all day long for the last few weeks. But I've been around, plugging away. My face started to break out... I think it's stress. I hope so. I can't handle hormonal breakouts again! Other than that, I have a pretty non-eventful life. Oh that's sad - I haven't posted on the April thread yet, and all I have on my mind is work and potential acne!

Sassy_Chick 04-20-2009 08:11 AM

Hey all.

Well Last Thursday (4/16) I went to the Infertility Dr and he gave me Clomid that I've been on since Friday (4/17). I go back up Wed morning (4/22) to get my blood drawn and an ultrasound, if that all looks well I take my extra two pills and then they give me a shot.

We did have a scare though. We went to get the pills and the shot filled and both of our insurances denied them both! So the pills were only $30, so we got those, but the shot was $600!! :fr: :faint: I was about to just give it up after hearing about the shot, but I called and talked to the nurse and she called their pharmacy and said they could get us the shot for only $59.95, a WHOLE lot better than $600!

So lets keep everything crossed :crossed: for us! Lots of ++++++++++ thoughts please!


Losing4another 04-22-2009 10:26 PM

Wow...that's a big difference. My Re had thier own pharmacy they ordered everything so you didn't have to pay the normal high prices. My insurance doesn't cover any of the treatments so I know how you feel...Good luck! The price of clomid has went down since I was taking it too

Sassy_Chick 04-27-2009 10:42 PM

Howdy Ya'all
Hey Ya'all. :wave:

Well went to the dr on Thursday morning last week, the shot was on back order but I was still on the Clomid so he told me to go on ahead and take the two extra pills they gave me, said my # was 95? Whatever that means. DH looked it up I guess 100 is the best # so I suppose I got an A? :rofl:

So the dr instructed :drill: us to "do it" every other day for a week. Yeah lemme tell ya how great that was with the dr telling us when to have sex and how often and even positions! :faint: lol.

So we have been um "following the drs orders" so we shall see. He said that if I do NOT start my period in 4 weeks, he wants to see me and if I do start, he wants to see me on my 3rd day. So lets keep everything :crossed: that I don't get one! ;)

Other than that, nothing much else going on, except DH did finally get my desk put together and I am almost done with the office! :woohoo: Just waiting on DH to put my bookcase together so I have a place to put up the rest of my stuff then I am done! :cp:

Also went to my friends baby's 1st bday party on Sat. It was cute. Dunno whats going on with her right now, she isn't really talking to me..........:rolleyes:

Anyways I have been reading the Twlight books. I already read the 1st book, only took me 2 days, esp since now my coworker/friend does not talk to me and I have 12.5 hours here, yeah I can kill a book in no time! lol. So I am about done now with the 2nd one and waiting on the 3rd to arrive in the mail so I can read that. It does make A LOT more sense though reading the books. Cuz when I first saw the movie, I was kinda lost. But the books filled in the info for me for sure! ;) I recommend them to anybody, because you may think your not into it, but once you begin reading, you cannot stop!

At least we have been having some GREAT weather here! NO RAIN! :cool: But its supposed to begin storming tonight.........Aw well. Gotta have the rain for the flowers.......:)

Losing4another -- Yeah I just found out that my insurance no longer covers ANY fertility treatments or drugs, NOTHING! UGH! What a waste!!!!!! At least DH's covers 20% on treatments and 100% on Artificial Insemination. So yeah that was a big savings to us and yeah the clomid was $30 at Walgreens, told DH we probably could have gotten it cheaper at the hospital pharmacy if we knew!!!!!!! lol. Good Luck to you as well!

Big :hug:

Losing4another 04-28-2009 08:18 AM

Clomid is 9 bucks for the five 50mg at walmart. I think anyway ..I can't remember if it's sold per 25mg or 50.

My daughter and I have read all the twlight books. I bought them for her to get her into reading and read them all myself first. She is still on the last one dragging her to feet to finish. I watched the movie but didn't think it was as good as the books...There were so many goods parts they could have added to the movie to make it better.

Good luck on this cycle. My BF is starting clomid next cycle. I hope to start it again in july or august.

Sassy_Chick 04-28-2009 10:31 PM

Hey losing4another,

Yeah I think I was on the 50 mg and he gave me 12. I almost thought I had started my AF this morning, luckily I did not. PHEW.........I know that really means nothing with us "Cysters" but I can still have some hope. :crossed:

The books were definitely better, like you said just TOO much to put in there! I wish your BF luck with the clomid!!! I hope you can start again in July/August too! ;)


Losing4another 04-29-2009 01:55 PM

I got pregnant on my second cycle of clomid of 100mg. It's worth everything if it works. I gained some weight after the last time I tried to use clomid and it didn't work at all. Getting some weight off before trying again hoping thats all I need to get it to work. The RE says thats all it will take.... So losing weight and saving some money to hopefully get pregnant sometime soon.

Keep me posted on your clomid cycle...Maybe you will bring another PCOSER some luck with your pregnancy :hug:

Sassy_Chick 04-29-2009 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by Losing4another (Post 2719297)
I got pregnant on my second cycle of clomid of 100mg. It's worth everything if it works. I gained some weight after the last time I tried to use clomid and it didn't work at all. Getting some weight off before trying again hoping thats all I need to get it to work. The RE says thats all it will take.... So losing weight and saving some money to hopefully get pregnant sometime soon.

Keep me posted on your clomid cycle...Maybe you will bring another PCOSER some luck with your pregnancy :hug:

Thanks I hope so too!:crossed:

Sassy_Chick 05-01-2009 02:06 PM

This thread is closed, please see the May Thread!!! TY!! :D

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