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Default Really encouraged!

Glad I found this thread. Was "formally" diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago ar UCSFs really wonderful PCOS program. My MDs put me on 100mg spironolactone 2x/daily, it hasn't been long but i'm hopeful that I will see some results! So far, no side effects. I do need to lose 30lbs to get back into the "healthy range" so maybe it will help with that also! Mostly just looking forward to not waxing my face every week and plucking every other day!
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Default Spironolactone

I too am on spironolactone and have had miraculous results in excessive hair, i have had problems for years and a previous doc said there was nothing they could do
I have tried every hair removal method known to woman, and nothing helped , at this point laser hair removal was my holy grail, i managed to save up and started the laser treatment , it didn't work for me , even through i had "the right type skin (fair ) and dark hair ,it was a very expensive,very painful waste of money, i eventually gave up a year after treatment started, i eventually found a lovely lady who used to thread it for me, my confidence went through the roof, when we moved to the other end of the country, i was in dispare and dreaded going back to shaving
My new GP was great refered me to a dermatologist, who put me on spironolactone, i was taking 50mg at first , and after a month i didn't see any difference at all , the dosage went up to 100mg a day and i did notice a difference, the hair on my body and neck didnt grow back quite as quickly and was a lot finer , and then joy of joys it started to slow down on my face , and is now ( 4 months in ) very fine and i do think there is a difference in numbers of hairs , and have been able to keep my chin, upper lip and neck hair free with the help of the pills and a tweepi ( one of those spring things that you bend and roll over the skin, but i have found the cheap versions of these episticks dont work that well, but i invested 9 for one and its miraculous,hurts like ****, of course , but to me its worth it )
I would say persevere with the spironolactone, and as an added extra my skin is so smooth and i have lost a couple of pounds
For the first time in years im looking forward to summer so i can wear a v necked tops
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