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Personally, I think the PCOS came first, but it is strange how it came about. I started my period at age 11, then for the next 10 years I had irregular (but never absent) periods with extremely painful cramps so that I would miss 2 days of school a month. My doctor I saw when I was 17 told me I probably had endometriosis and put me on birth control (my mom had endo). That was that last I though of it as my cramps improved. All through this time I stayed at about a size 9 or 11, which is not overweight for my frame size, according to my doctor. When I was 22 I started gaining more weight and went up to about a size 16. By the time I was 23 I was a size 20. Throughout the weight gain I worked out 3 times a week and took an aerobic kickboxing class, and I only ate 1500 calories a day at most. Nothing helped. After my family had the "you're getting fat, do something about it" intervention, I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with PCOS. It's been about 11 months and I've lost about 15-20 lbs. It's a very slow process for all the work I do. I know that I definitely did not cause my own weight gain.
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Could the answer actually be something no one ever linked to it? It seems to me that the incidence of IR and PCOS has risen in the last 30 years like a rocket. Could the problem actually be caused by something else? Like something we all eat, or a chemical we wear or breathe? Could the cause actually be something that we have been exposed to and our bodies have responded to it in a wildly erratic way?
Not to sound all paranoid or anything but I was reading recently about how the obesity rate skyrocketed right after High Fructose Corn Syrup started being used in a lot of things. Could it be linked to that or something similar?
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For me the PCOS came first. I had the irregular periods since age 11, & was thin all through my teenage years (about 135 & a size 5) The dr's said Id grow out of it, but never did. I also have had IR (hypoglycemia) since about 13/14. My mom also has IR, but not PCOS or anything wrong with her fertility. She's 51 now, 5'6" and 120lbs. When it came time for me to have children, it was difficult. We tried naturally for many cycles. It was actually a woman on a fertility board that brought PCOS to my attention, then I brought it up to my dr, got tested, and sure enough, I had it.

Ive heard through fertility boards there are 2 types of PCOS. The kind where women get regular periods, but have the actual cysts, and miscarry alot. The second kind is where women get irregular periods, can not see the cysts via ultrasound, and need fertility meds to get pregnant. I am the second type for sure.

For me my weight is a result of gaining with 3 babies in 5 years, and overeating. Id lose some weight after each child, but never all of it, and sure enough, Id get pregnant again, and add to the remaining weight.

That being said, since exercising, eating better and losing weight, Ive seen a HUGE difference in my PCOS symptoms (face is more clear, less oily, hair is thicker, periods are coming more often on their own but not perfect) Ive also noticed a BIG difference in my IR issues. I dont feel my blood sugar fall as hard, or as often, and Im less hungry.
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Default Insulin resistance is certainly challenging!!!!!

I have come across this post throughout the years, b'ut I never posted. I felt like today I should at least say something. My heart goes out to all who struggle with IR. I am 33 years old and I consider myself lucky in that I discovered the truth about myself ten years ago with a competent bariatric physicican. I am only 5' 3 and have never been overweight or overfat in my life!!! I have had 2 babies, get pregnant easily and for the most part am leaner than most women. I suffer from insulin resistance. It all started when I was 23, i would at times struggle alot with ten pounds from week to week, would put weight on easily after eating very little food and was losing muscle mass. I didn't know I had a metabolic problem. I went to a trainer and sought help to build muscle and get control of this. He put me on a high carb diet which would bring my hidden insulin resistance to the frontline of a war. While on this diet, i stopped menustrating, hair stopped growing, was hungry all the time, had headaches, had terrible sugar cravings and would put on bodyfat so easily. My trainer was perplexed, the calorie rule just didn't seem to apply to me. Needless to say, I quit and saw a doctor. He gave me glucophage, armour thyroid, dhea, and advised me of a low carb diet. My period returned and I never had issues with it again. However, the IR is still there and there are times it deeply bothers me. For example, the one week I can't where my jeans that I could wear 5 days ago. I have my insulin levels checked every 6 months but for the most part I know when they creep up again. Sometimes it is like you get attacked out of nowhere!!!!!! I follow a low carb diet and I exercise for fun. I am currently 105 pounds with 18.5% bodyfat. It has been a nasty struggle and sometimes it really gets me down. Just to let you know, insulin resistance that is the result of poor diet and exercise is easy to treat!!! IR that is the result of a genetic abnormality and or gene is much harder to get a control of. This would be in cases like myself and many of those with pcos. But I have survived. I still hang onto hope everyday. I often wish only to be a normal person who doesn't have IR, who stays at a constant weight naturally--but I have to work very hard against a battle with my hormones.. Best wishes------
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From my research into this, it seems that there are a lot of folks who think it could either be genetic or a birth defect, but the exact cause isn't known. I've read enough to believe that I didn't give PCOS to myself. However, I've got it, and it is my responsibility to take care of myself. Lower weight, eating healthy and exercise are things I CAN control, even though PCOS may mean it is harder to lose weight, etc. My doctor believes it to be a basic problem that won't get better even with weight loss and told me to expect to be on Metformin for life, unless they develop some other treatment/cure.

Here are some what I would consider to be credible links (medical sites or researchers):

This is a study where you and your family members can participate to help find out if there's a family link, and it also talks about the differences in symptoms: http://www.uchospitals.edu/specialties/pcos/pcos.html


http://www.ohsu.edu/health/health-to...ntentId=P08334 says "The exact cause of PCOS is unclear. It is common for sisters or a mother and daughter to have PCOS, but a definite genetic link has not been found."

Twin study: http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/con...ract/91/6/2100

This study is looking into both genes and the possibility that something happened in the womb: http://www.research.northwestern.edu/crs/grants/

http://www.scor.northwestern.edu/project2.html This is a gene mapping researcher. It's pretty technical.

This was written by someone who was a research subject: http://www.rps.psu.edu/may98/abnormal.html

This study involved monkeys and says it may be "due to excess androgen levels during critical developmental periods" and talks about the potential to test children for it and the potential to develop a process to prevent it.
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My entire family's fat, so it was no surprise that I was too. My granny lost about 65 pounds; my mother's fluctuated and I've stayed about the same.

Never had a period until I turned 15; then it was off and on: had one for 2 weeks, stopped, had another 2-weeker a week later, stopped, had one for a month, stopped for a week before getting another one and it stopped after about 6 months- completely. I must have had a ruptured cyst- who knows- but ended up in the emergency room one night thinking I had a ruptured appendix. Painful. Cramping. Couldn't stand up. My stepmom said that I needed to get to the ER as soon as possible, because she's a doctor and it might be a ruptured appendix.

To make a long story short, they didn't find anything until I turned 16 or so. Doctor said to not worry about it; PCOS and fertility wasn't a problem for my age group- no periods made high school and university life that much easier. Changed his mind when he did an ultrasound on me at 19 and put me on Provera, then BC. But no one told me to lose the weight.

My bloodwork is excellent: cholesterol is on the lower end of normal at 3.51 (range is 3.0 to 4.9), triglycerides is 0.69 (range of 0.3 to 1.9); whole blood (HbA1c) is 5.4% (excellent glycaemic control). Fasting glucose is 4.5 (range from 3.5 to 7.7).

However, my weight problems I know came from a combination of things: sugar-fuelled binges to feel good after fights with my family, high sugar/high carb diet (Westerners eat the equivalent of 2 cups of sugar a day on a traditional high carb diet! Now, I probably eat a total of 1/4 - 1/2 cup a day), going out with friends and family two or more times a week, university food (pizza or McDonald's was a good option for dinner a couple to three times a week). I gained my own weight, I did it to myself. I will freely admit that guilt... difficult as it has been.

Now that I need to lose it, it is really difficult; 1500 cals a day, 6-7 days of very intense aerobic activity a week (adds up to 15 hours a week) and it only comes off in 1/2 pound a week increments. I think the hormones have something to do with it.

First day on Metformin. I'm tired as. Ate 2 apples for morning tea and 2 handfuls of raisins to stay awake. Chemist said that it shouldn't lower my blood sugar, but I have a feeling it might have. I'm ready for a nap. On the plus side, no upset stomach or nausea. Zzzz.....
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well from my research the PCOS comes first-it is developed during puberty for most and according to the article there currenlty is no evidence that the syndrome is inherited..i didnt have irregular cycles until 19-i was 145-155 lbs and then all of a sudden i went up to 230 so quick..i went up four sizes in 1 WK..i visited a gyno who told me i was fine..eventually i found a good dr and am now being treated.
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Originally Posted by Mollz View Post

First day on Metformin. I'm tired as. Ate 2 apples for morning tea and 2 handfuls of raisins to stay awake. Chemist said that it shouldn't lower my blood sugar, but I have a feeling it might have. I'm ready for a nap. On the plus side, no upset stomach or nausea. Zzzz.....
i have been on metformin since august and can tell you i havent had any side effects so hopefully the tiredness is the only thing that you will get
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Angry chicken or Egg?

I am the oldest of 6 girls and 3rd to start my period which was NEVER normal.
At age 16 I weighed about 90-95 lbs.

At age seventeen my hair started thinning I weighed 115-120 lbs-my Dr at the time tested my thyroid functions which was normal and told me that I just don't ovulate like normal women do.

Between the ages of 18-23 I was thin and active and consistently complained to my Dr's about hair loss, seemingly non-existent menstral cycles, and depression - They tested my thyroid functions, told me to take birth control and antidepressants.

At age 23 I started to get chubby

Fast forward to last year (185 lbs) I had a DR finally decide to test testosterone and LSH/FSH levels and I was "diagnosed with PCOS" I was told to lose weight and everything would be fine.

I switched Doctors and was finally sent for a Pelvic CT which revealed massive amounts of poly-cysts on both ovaries-I just saw my endo-specialist the other day and was put on Metformin.

I do feel like I am being treated that this problem is because of weight and I just don't believe that it is...there have to be skinny women out there with this diagnosis....????
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Originally Posted by bitetoobreakkskin View Post
well from my research the PCOS comes first-it is developed during puberty for most and according to the article there currenlty is no evidence that the syndrome is inherited
According to what article?

I thought I quoted some fairly credible sources that indicated there IS evidence.

Yes, there are thin women with PCOS. Google thin and PCOS, and you'll find some.
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Hi ya! ive been doing a lot of research on pcos cuz i was just diagnosed 2 months ago, i had gone to the doc 2 years ago but she told me i was just fat and had to lose weight... (i was 216) and i finally had the nerve to get checked out again 2 months ago and was diagnosed and i totaly agree that you do get treated for it cuz of weight.... which i totaly disagree with cuz i had lost a ton of weight (down to 160/165) and was never regular. i was also very late with gettin a period (14yrs old) and ive never been regular since then... but anywho!! i thank you all for the information that you all have, although i have to say it is very depressing to think that i wont be able to have kids without taking meds....

i need to do some more research but i went to a chiro who is also a holistic doc and he put me on these pills: cataplex A, cam-amo, cholacol II, and spanish black rice. and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about these, he said he put some other women on these and and were able to conceive without fertility meds.

id greatly appreciate some responses with this....

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I was a health weight when I was younger, but had irregular periods. So my point would be PCOS came first then the weight gain. My periods were always irregular and then over time as an adult I just gained more and more weight.
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i'm the same as D Red. although at the time i considered myself overweight as a teenager, at 5'3" and 130 lbs, i was no such thing. but my periods have been irregular from day 1.
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I had PCOS long before I gained weight. I was always a bit of a health nut, which helped me not get really heavy. But no one will ever convince me that gaining weight caused my PCOS. I had the high testosterone, annov cycles, fluffy tummy and facial hair when I was a size two and at a size 12. My weight never changed anything.
I am technically a "thin cyster". There are several other thin cysters in my family. My doctors said it was genetic.
Now my underweight younger sister is starting to show mild signs and symptoms.

I really think it can go either way. much of the time pcos will cause rapid weight gain. But there are those where I think the weight caused the pcos. Like the people who are really overweight and as soon as they lose the weight all symptoms disappear.
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As for me, I think the PCOS comes first, and is aggrivated by weight gain. When I was in high school, without changing A THING, I was gaining 10lbs a year. Junk food and soda were not a regular thing, and I didn't overeat. So the only thing I can contribute to my weight gain is the PCOS. Now, if I were extremely active, like on a sports team, then I think that may have kept the PCOS at bay. But only exercising a few times per week I think allowed it flourish. If I were a normal girl without PCOS, I know my diet and moderate exercise would have kept me at a healthy weight.

PCOS definitely needs extreme forms of exercise, and diets that are on the lower-end of calories (like 1200-1400). It seems it takes extremes to get PCOS to budge, I'm finding
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