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JadeLaRoux 11-19-2001 11:42 PM


I'm just wondering how many other women with PCOS suffer form depresstion? I'v been suffering with clinical depresstion since I was about 9; the year I hit puberty. Theres no THING in my life that makes me feel tired, hopeless, sad and angery. Even when things seem to be going well in my life I have an overwhelming sense of dispair. Anyone else feel like this?

HopefulSpirits 12-14-2001 07:42 PM

Very common
This is very common in almost all PCOSers. I dont think I know one yet that hasnt suffered depression at one time or another. Clinical depression is usual with most IRPCOSers. I was dx Mild Manic Depressive years ago and have been suffering from depression since the age of 10. I am now 28. I have been dealing just fine for about 3 years now although I still have my bouts once in a while. But its not so constant anymore.

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