pcos and pregnancy

  • has anyone here had there pcos improve after a pregnancy? my doc says that having a kid could help improve my pcos, it may stay the same, or it may get worse. anyone have experience with this?
  • Well, I have PCOS. I had my daughter in August. By 12 weeks PP I got my first PP period. And, it's been regular ever since (every 4-5 weeks). Crazy for me, I usually take provera to get pregnant. Oh, and weight loss hasn't been a horrible struggle.

    BUT, I'm breastfeeding, so that may have a lot to do with it. I won't know until I quit nursing just how much of an effect it's having on the PCOS.
  • My moods really improved while being pregnant (go figure!) and after pregnancy, while I was breastfeeding alot. I just felt more stable and the weight came off nicely. Then, my child slowed down on the BFing and I started to eat...I was even saying to myself 'i don't know why i'm eating'. So, the weight is back on, my cycles are a mess. So, I don't think I could get pregnant again, naturally, if I tried.
    Really, I wasn't concerned with having pcos for about 1.5 years after giving birth. (except for the hair, that didn't improve dramatically)
  • Mine improved a bit while pregnant but reverted after... My doc also said that there was a chance that a pregnancy could jar the system back into working properly, I just didn't apply to me unfortunately!