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Default PCOS Documentary will be on Discovery Health Channel the end of September!

This Fall PCOS Community has an opportunity to promote PCOS
Awareness, like never before. PCOS Will be taking the spolight on
The Discovery Health Channel this Fall. I hope you will join me and
the rest of The PCOS Community in embracing this opportunity by
sharing the following information with everyone you know with PCOS,
so they may take part in this amazing event.

I am excited to announce a monumental television event that will
help redefine the way the public views PCOS!

Fellow PCOS Community member and PCOS Awareness Advocate, Ashley
Tabeling has been filming with Discovery Health Channel for their
new program Mystery Diagnosis, which will share her personal journey
with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The program will dedicate an hour
to learning more about PCOS and why it is often misunderstood and

Along with Ms. Tabeling, the producers are seeking women and girls
with PCOS who are willing to share photos to help show people the
effects of PCOS.

While this is a diificult request, we urge you to become involved to
make a difference and potentially help someone who is unaware they
have the syndrome.

If you would like to take part in The Discovery Health Channel's
Documentary featuring PCOS on the new program Mystery Diagnosis;

Please submit the following details:

1. Before/After pictures

Before meaning prior to the physical effects of PCOS showing
themselves and After maening you dealing with the physical effects
of PCOS at their worse)

2. Close-ups

Please include photos of physical changes to your body including
acne, skin tags, dark skin patches, hair loss, access facial and
body hair

3. A one paragraph bio

Please include a brief introductiona nd bio about your journey with

4. Contact Information

Please include your full name, e-mail address and phone number for
the producers to contact you.

5. Forward submissions

Please send all information to:

Ashley Tabeling, PCOS Awareness Advocate
E-mail: [email protected]

All submissions will be forwarded directly to the producers of
Mystery Diagnosis. The producers will contact individuals directly
for more details regarding the submitted photos. You must have
originals of all photos submitted via e-mail, so they can be sent
directly to the prodcuers, upon their request.

6. Submission Deadline

All photos submissions must be received on or before July 5, 2005
at 4:00PM EST

Remember, even if you do not want to share your photos, you can
still take part in spreading awareness by planning a viewing party
with your family, friends and co-workers to help them better
understand and accept PCOS.

Please check back often for updates on the upcoming show and its air

Together we can make a difference!

All the Best,
Ashley Tabeling
PCOS Awareness Advocate
PCOStrategies, Advisory Board Member
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Talking discovery programme

Hi iv just read the post its brilliant that this is happening im sorry its too lat for me to take part as its past the deadline i would love to contribute any information on pcos or ber part of it many thanks lisa xx
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