In need of help!

  • Blessed Be to all!
    This is not a weight problem, yet I hope someone can help me. I have a 4 week old kitten, Punkin(he is blonde with light orange stripes and a punk!) and he has fleas. I bathe him and got a flea comb. I still need something to kill the fleas in the house. I do not want to use posion due to he is too young and I have kids. Does anyone have an idea? I am tried of watching them feast on the baby and my kids!
  • Ther are plenty of indoor flea killers out there that are family safe.Your vet will know some brands.
  • Back when we used to have a flea problem, I used flea killers that included methionine in them. It interferes with the flea life cycle and they can't make it to the jumping stage.

    Since then, however, I've been dabbling in Pagan techniques, and a simple house cleansing visualization sweeping everything harmful out of the house seemed to work just great this year, when fleas started to show up.

    Of course, I've been keeping the house cleaner than usual, too, so it could be that. The larval stage of fleas live in dust on the floor and rugs, and if you keep a hard floor really clean, they can't survive.

    Whichever means it was, we don't have fleas in the house anymore, even though the cats have a mild case.
  • After you get rid of the ones in the house I suggest putting your kitten on a flea medicine...well I don't know if that's what you call it, but even at a young age you can give them a 1/2 dose (or whatever your vet suggests) of 'Advantage' or 'Revolution' kills fleas when they jump onto the cat I believe. (It's a liquid you place on the back of their neck.) I have had my 11 year old cat on it for many years, flea-less ever nice, lol. Try that to stop the problem from coming back...if you haven't already.
  • Two solutions
    Stir a bit of brewer's yeast, like a quarter of a tablespoon, into canned cat food.

    If the dear kitty doesn't eat canned food, get some Advantage from your vet. It's hideously expensive and works like a charm.