Pagan Chick chat March/April 2006

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  • Hello Ladies
    Hello Ladies Its been a while since I've posted - had trouble with moving around the site I've been off the wagon and trying to get back on. I haven't given up yet! So thats a good thing.
    Spring has finally sprung here, we have cute baby lambs all over the valley and flowers coming up - nice after a long winter!
    Hope everyone is doing well
  • hello - hope everyone is doing well!

    I finally got off my keister and dug up some of the garden on the weekend. It's been the first completely dry weekend we've had for ages so I took full advantage.

    Went shopping for some plants on Saturday and planted my herb garden on Sunday. I can't wait for it to start growing. I planted a few tomato plants, basil, thyme, chives, parsley, cilantro and peppermint.

    I'm hoping that the predicted rain will hold off until tomorrow so I can get the plants put in at the front of the house. We've put up some lovely hanging baskets so it is looking a bit better but the flower beds are a little sparse.